Thursday, October 22, 2015

The Pumpkin Patch


I felt the need to put that all in caps because this was a big deal.

I got all pouty for a minute thinking that because we're in Hawaii we won't get to do all the fun fall things, which is still partially true. But, it's fine. Some things I can live without doing. For instance... wearing cute boots and drinking hot chocolate on the reg, because it's still hotter than Hades here and so I don't really feel like doing that.

I really was sad about missing out on pumpkins though!! Lucky for us, we have awesome friends with little kids so they knew about the fun pumpkin patch wayyy up on the mountain. 

Speaking of way up on the mountain... LOOK at this view. Just look! You could see pretty much the whole island. It was insanely beautiful. 

It really was an awesome, little pumpkin patch.

I was all for picking like 6 pumpkins and taking them all home and carving the crap outta them! 
How do you ever pick just one anyway!?

But then Kade told me that in Hawaii you carve pineapples and watermelons instead... Soooooooo that should be interesting. 

In the end we only got one. 

But it's a good one. A real good one.  

And now I'm feeling much better about this whole "fall in Hawaii" thing. 

Side note: I promise I don't always look like such a scrub! In probably the last 5 pictures Kade and I have taken together I am basically wearing the exact same outfit. I actually do wear clothes that don't say Vivint Solar on them. Hahaha. 

It just happened to be Take Your Wife to Work Day. So I gotta rep ya know? 

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