Thursday, October 15, 2015


We like pizza around this house. Like, a lot. We even got a super rad pizza oven for our wedding! Seriously I feel like everyone should own one of them.

Since we like pizza, naturally we hopped on the veggie pizza crust train and are big fans. We've tried a couple different types and recipes.

Theeeen, one day I came across a recipe for a sweet potato crust. I was like, "Oh holla!!" Sweet potatoes are my faaaaaav. 

So I proceeded to make a sweet potato crust. So. Good. It has a bit of a thicker texture, a little heartier. And it stayed together a little better as a crust.

The best part? It was soooo easy to make. 
I looked at probably 5 different recipes and got the gist of what it takes to make a crust and I came up with my own recipe! Which is why nothing has anything close to exact measurements hahaha. 

- A couple of cooked sweet potatoes (we used 4. 1 big and 3 smaller ones)

- 1 egg (hey! An exact measurement! ;)

- Goat cheese. This depends on how cheesy you want it! You can even go without if you would rather not. I added it to give the crust extra flavor and to help it stick together better. 

- Oat flour. That is just what we had on hand. How much really depends on how sticky everything is. We started out and about half a cup and kept adding more until we felt it had a "dough-like" texture. 

- Spices!! We used crushed red pepper, salt, pepper, and onion powder.

We mixed all of that togetha and pressed it all out on our pizza peel and let it bake for probably 7 or 8 minutes. Oven works similarly. Put it on a well-greased cookie sheet and let it cook for probably 1 or 2 minutes longer. 

Then to the best part. Toppings!!!! 

We had a super delish artichoke and garlic pizza sauce with goat cheese (I'm obsessed), sautéed mushrooms, and spinach on top. 

Throw it in the pizza oven (or normal oven) until things look cooked and the cheese is melty.


I've got a few other pizza crust recipes I'm wanting to try so hopefully they turn out. This has by far been my fav!

Yay for pizza!

Side note: low quality pictures for the win! This condo we're in right now could not have worse lighting. There is always some sort of hideous shadow no matter where you stand to take a picture. Soooo, this is what we get.

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