Monday, February 24, 2014

Week #38

"WOOOOOOW we're halfway there, wooooaaaaaahhhhh livin' on a praaaaaayer!!!" That has definitely been the theme song for the week. Ugh, I have been exhausted this week!! Mentally, physically, spiritually, emotionally.... However else I can be exhausted I am. I've broken down like 8 times this week. Tears have actually come out of my eye balls when the alarm goes off in the morning. Also, i was running the other morning and totally broke down into tears. (Remember mom that time in Coronado when we were running and I just started bawling!? HAHA) Clearly my spiritual stamina is really weak right now. So if anyone has any tips, tricks, or things of that nature to help, send them my way!!
Along with being exhausted, i've been very humbled. Our investigators are progressing fine, or so we thought, until they started making comments that led us to believe they don't understand what we're teaching. I've been able to answer every question they've thrown my way but clearly i'm talking at them. Not TEACHING them. I've come to realize that this is definitely my weak point. I have a hard time recognizing and feeling the Spirit so it's hard to let him take over. I've just come to realize how important it is when we're teaching or people don't understand... Like our investigators. So, it's something i'm working on.
Not much else to report! It was transfers this week but Sister Imai and I are both staying. I'm pretty happy about that. I like this area. Anyway, I think that's it!! Sorry my emails get lamer and lamer every week... But I appreciate all the love and prayers!! They are definitely felt. I love you all!!
sister brian!

Monday, February 17, 2014

Week #37

No letter this week! She ran out of time after chatting with me for too long! She's doing great.

Monday, February 10, 2014

8 Months!

Week #36

This week was probably THE coldest week I've ever experienced. It snowed!!! And it's been in the 20's all week. It wouldn't be that bad except for the ridiculous humidity. I swear it just sucks the heat out of my bones. And the fact that we are outside walking around all day. Good times... It has been a little scary though because of all the ice everywhere. So here's a (not so) funny story. We were walking down someone's driveway and I stepped on a slippery brick and next thing I know I'm looking straight up into the sky. A car drove by and I just wanted to roll into the ditch. It was so embarrassing and I have some serious bruises to show for it.
Other than that, it was a pretty eventful week actually! We had a lesson with a referral named Kirk. He is great and pretty much knows more than I do about the gospel. He lives basically every aspect but when we invited him to be baptized we found out that he has a boyfriend and has for a while. We told him that God loves him anyway but he couldn't be baptized until he ended the relationship. He is going to keep praying and reading and we keep praying for him too.
Then, there is Nevan Bacon. We were finally able to meet with him and took him on a church tour. We were able to put him on date for March 8th so that's exciting! Another kid we found tracting. His name is Jung En Tsai. Or Peter. Hahaha. He is 18 and from Taiwan. He liked what we had to say and we put him on date for March 8th as well! He came to church the next day too! It was awesome. Too bad he thinks he is getting baptized by the prophet hahaha. Clearly we have a little explaining to do... But he is awesome anyway.
Mmmm... what else. Oh! Hilarious story. So we go to see this less-active black lady, Sister Cain, and she answers the door holding a bible. She was like, "Oh! Hi! The Jehovah Witnesses are here studying with me! Come on in!" Hahaha me and my companion just looked at each other and politely declined and told her we'd come back... Just for the sake of all of us. As soon as we left we both busted up laughing. It was so funny.
I think that's about it... Things are picking up here and we are loving it! We're hoping to see more and more miracles happen. I have been studying the Atonement a ton this week and I'm so grateful for it. The more I learn about it, the more I appreciate the sacrifice Jesus Christ made for me. I will be forever grateful for that! I love you all!!! You're the best!
Sister Brian!

Monday, February 3, 2014

Thornton Creek

Sister Imai mustve been pretty tired...

Taking over an apartment from the Elders!

A little present from Haley in Japan

Week #35

Hahaha who am I kidding.... I don't really care haha. But, it was a great day for Seattle! Our mission president didn't say anything about staying in or being more careful or anything. But he's Korean so I'm not sure if he even knew about the superbowl... Anyway, we didn't do any tracting - that would have been dumb. So we just tried to find some unknowns in our ward and had dinner with a member. The streets were dead for the whole time of the game. We ended up knocking on a couple of drunk people's doors. That wasn't ideal... Anyway, everyone is probably hung over today so the streets are dead again haha.
As far as the work goes, it was a really slow week. We didn't have much going on. We did have a Zone Conference so that was cool. It was about changing our hearts to help investigators change theirs. Very fitting. We weren't able to find a lot of people to teach except for one. His name is Jason Hendricks. We talked to him on the street just outside of his house and taught him about baptism. We committed him to be baptized on February 22 but he didn't come to church like he said so we aren't really sure he's very committed.
Anyway, I think that's all. Everything is just dandy here. We need some miracles so hopefully they'll come. Thank you all! Love you!
Sister Brian!