Saturday, October 17, 2015

Our Story - The Courtship

So! Continuing with our story.... 

It's time to tell about the real first date. 

And our first week of dates. Cause yeah, I saw him every single day the week I got home.

I think the day of I spent half of it at the gym (hahahaha.. hha. ha. post mission bod. yiiiiikes.) and the other half getting ready. 

My mom had this really cute, gold sequined skirt that I wanted to wear and we both thought it would be hilarious to text Kade and tell him to get a matching vest. We seriously thought we were so funny.

He called me in a panic like 5 minutes later asking if I was serious. My mom and I busted up laughing! I told him we were kidding but then he got all self conscious about what he was going to wear so when he came to pick me up he brought like half of his wardrobe so I could help him find something.

Little did I know, he actually did go out and buy a gold tie so we could match! That was cute. 

So we went and got Thai food (which has now become our "thing") and went to the play. 


It was real nice. It wasn't even weird! It felt totally naturally. And it was like, holding hands with a super hot guy that I was basically in love with after 18 months of nothin. So yeah, real nice. 

The next day we didn't have plans to hang out but I got a call from him that night asking me to come spy on a blind date his friend was going on. Haha. So we ate Yogurtland and pretended to be a couple (heart flutters) while we observed their date. 

Side note on this night: Kade asked me to pick him up. I drove him in my car!! I was so panicked. I think I drove like an psycho and I'm pretty sure he was nervous. But I didn't crash, so, success.

The next day it was his sister's play. I was stoked because we had to drive up to Ogden. Alllllll of that car time. Alone. Together. It was great. 

We had dinner with his parents before the show. That was nerve wracking. Thankfully his parents are some of the sweetest people on planet earth and either took no notice and just thought I was odd or they ignored my nervous ramblings.

It was a super cute play and he held my hand again! And we had the whole drive home. Winning!

This next day was probably my favorite. Kade and his friends invited me to go ice skating up in Salt Lake. 

Thankfully I'm not very good at ice skating so I told Kade that I needed to hold his hand so I could skate. Hehe. 

So, there we were just skating around the rink, having a grand ole time when these kids on the side of the rink started cheering "KISS!" at every couple that skated passed. (Kade and I probably did the awkward chuckle and side glance at each other...)

But then, the song I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas came on... So that next loop around Kade swung me into the middle and planted one right on my mouth! 

I think I was so surprised and happy and giddy and stoked out of my mind that I just laughed. It was the cutest most awesome, happy thing ever. 

So, according to my calculations, Kade kissed me 5 days after I got home from my mission. I really wasn't mad. :)

The next days and weeks were filled with Kade. And loooots and lots of him. I saw him every single day after I got home. I even saw him on Christmas. And his birthday! 

He posted this picture on Instagram. It was a big deal.

On January 12, we had a DTR. You know, determine the relationship. Or as Kade likes to call them, WAWA's. You know, where are we at. 

Either way, it was initiated by me. (HAHA) Whatever... I was just barely a missionary, I knew how to get straight to the point... From then on we were "a thing". An official one :)

Just a couple of days after that we went on our first road trip together! We went to California with a bunch of friends and it was uhhhmazing. 

I thought Kade was a winner all along but then HE TOOK ME TO DISNEYLAND.
Are you kidding me!? Ahhhhhhhhhh.

Can you sense my excitement from this picture!?

The Happiest Place on Earth is right! 

Theeeen we got fake engaged. Hahaha. Different story though. 

On January 22, we had what we lovingly refer to as our "E-versary". You know, the anniversary of the day Kade first wrote me! It was pretty freakin cute. 

He brought me flowers and we lit lanterns and made wishes. 

Alright. We're getting cheesy up in here but I don't care. 

That was the night that we said the big 3 to each other!! You know, I LOVE YOU... (I STILL get butterflies thinking about it!)

After that, we shot some guns...

We flew on some planes...

We rode some motorcycles...

and some mountain boards...

Then we took another road trip to Santa Cruz! 

And 3 stellar months after I got home from my mission we took another road trip to Laguna Beach and came home engaged!!! 

That story coming soon...


  1. Oh very cute couplde darling!

  2. I love reading your updates. I am so happy for you two. Xoxo.

    1. You blog! Oh my goodness! I love it! Miss you and K1 tons <3

  3. Wow! Kade came up with some pretty classy, sweet stuff! Gotta say - I'm proud of him!