Monday, September 29, 2014

Week #69

Sorry it's soooo short! I have no time! Cause I'm super lame. You'd think by this point in my mission I'd be good at budgeting my time. But I'm not. Sorry. It was a great week! Lots of member work! Which we love. I love the rain! I love the chilly weather. I LOOOOOOVVVVVEEEEEDDDD with all my heart the Relief Society Broadcast! Mom, you're right. President Uchtdorf is such a feel good speaker! I love it. It was a good week. heres to another one! I LOVE YOU! 

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Week #68

Sorry friends... This is going to be a super short email! I was sick basically all week. I had a nasty cold/flu thing. The head and body aches and fever and sore throat and alllll of that good stuff. So after a trip to the doctor, we spent the better part of the week inside. Man, by the end of the week I was dying to get outside! It's funny how in missionary work if you don't go outside and work you have nothing to do! Ha. So now I am more appreciative than ever of being able to go outside and work. I did appreciate the extra sleep though :)
Jo and Cory came to church this week! Send extra prayers their way. We are doing our very best to help them progress. Some people just take longer than others!
I love you all. I LOVE this gospel. I LOVE my family. I am sooo blessed. Honestly, God is wayyy too good to me. Be grateful! It makes everything better.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Week #67

Hello all!
This week was a good one! Too bad I can't even remember what happened... It went really fast! It seems like I was just emailing you. Ummm, lots of lessons, lots of knocking doors. Lots of heat!! it was sooo hot this weekend. I love it though, I am not complaining! We don't know what happened to Cory... But we found the cutest new investigator, Yen from China. So sweet. Umm. Yeah. Sorry, I got nothing else. haha miracles abounding in K1 I just can't recall them right now! Sorry...
Thank you ALL so much for everything!! Especially Sun and Jod for the aweeesome package!! I was definitely in need of some gummy colas. Thank you, thank you, thank you!! :)
Transfers are next week... I can't believe it! It went so fast! Well, I guess this was a weird transfer hahaha but that's okay. So I won't be emailing until Tuesday. If you have anything to send, please send it to the mission office :)
Love you!!!

Driving by some random guy's yard in Seattle!

Monday, September 8, 2014

Week #66

Hello all!!
This week was good! Our numbers are finally starting to go up, which is nice. It's obviously not all about that (I've learned that the hard way) but it makes me feel like we're actually doing something! We've been doing sooooo much finding! Like, sometimes it's funny how much we do. It's starting to be fruitful. Starting! Wooo! We had one of our investigators, Cory, at church this week! He is cool. Very laid back and looooooves longboarding. It's hilarious. He is ready to be baptized and we are planning on giving him a date this week. Pray for his baptism this month!
Everything is dandy here! It's getting darker early now, which I don't love....But it's inevitable. It's starting to get a little rainy now too. Bleh. It hit me yesterday that conference is just around the corner though! I am SOOO excited! We are SO lucky to be able to hear from a living prophet and apostles! A prophet! We should feel like the luckiest people ever. I'm starting to prepare now and I hope you are too! It's one of the greatest blessings that we as members of the church have. I know it's true!
I love you all sooo much and miss you even more!
Have a great week and I hope you are all studying preach my gospel!!

With Sister Salabao from the Phillipines.

Monday, September 1, 2014

Week #65

Hola, hola family!
Our first full week in K1 and it was a good one! We are doing a ton, a ton of finding. We don't really have anyone to work with right now. We haven't been able to reestablish contact with the investigators that the elders had so hopefully we will be able to eventually! They were both planning on being baptized.

I had a really inspiring experience this week though... We were walking down the street and a lady had already passed us and we didn't see her but my companion eventually did and ran after her and started to talk to her. I came up and introduced myself and she started to cry. I felt so bad! Long story short, she doesn't know if she believes in God but we were able to pray with her and teach her a little. It was really sad because she didn't accept our invitation but I know that she will some day! I was really bummed about that for a good chunk of the week... someone so prepared but who wouldn't accept! Then on Sunday, we had an awesome lesson about missionary work. The teacher (one of the coolest dudes ever) told us that it takes 7 good, positive contacts for someone to accept the invitation to learn about the gospel and 32 good, positive contacts for someone to be baptized. He said we need to put aside all of our fears and the thoughts of rejection and be happy to be the Lord's number 4. Someone has to do it, so why shouldn't it be us? It opened my eyes and made me feel a lot better about our every day work. I'm happy to be a number 4.

Sister Brian