Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Week #68

Sorry friends... This is going to be a super short email! I was sick basically all week. I had a nasty cold/flu thing. The head and body aches and fever and sore throat and alllll of that good stuff. So after a trip to the doctor, we spent the better part of the week inside. Man, by the end of the week I was dying to get outside! It's funny how in missionary work if you don't go outside and work you have nothing to do! Ha. So now I am more appreciative than ever of being able to go outside and work. I did appreciate the extra sleep though :)
Jo and Cory came to church this week! Send extra prayers their way. We are doing our very best to help them progress. Some people just take longer than others!
I love you all. I LOVE this gospel. I LOVE my family. I am sooo blessed. Honestly, God is wayyy too good to me. Be grateful! It makes everything better.

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