Thursday, March 8, 2012


Orem High won the boy's basketball state championship! Yahoo! Seriously, they haven't won in 56 years. I think it was much needed and deserved.

I'm not really sure why I sound so excited and have to say state champs in all caps because let's be honest.. I did not win and I don't even go there anymore! Ha.

I'm just proud cause it's my school! And I'm allowed to be, right?

Another reason I'm so stoked is because of this boy right here. 

A senior and a state champ. He lucked out.
I'm so so proud of him, he played amazing the whole week!

A big thanks to these awesome girls to coming to the games with me.

Go Tigers! Woo!


Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Thai Food

I'm already bad at the blogging thing and I just barely started.. How sad. 

But, on a brighter note.. A couple weekends ago I got to partake of the marvelous Thai food for the first time! 
(Thank you Josh for being so awesome and taking me there :)

I was a little sketched out about it to be honest but I ended up loving it and it was a huge success!

Our many delicious courses. Because apparently you can't get just one? According to Josh that is.. 
We went to Thai Village in Provo and their Pad Thai was to die for!

This is Pineapple Curry. I took a picture because the color was way cool ha. 
This wasn't my absolute favorite dish of the night but it was still yummy.

After thai food, we headed on over to Spark. Why? Because we can! I mean, who doesn't love a non-alcoholic way chill lounge!

I got the Mango Mojito (very refreshing and light) while Josh got the Stripped Pina Colada (he hated it. oops..)
We enjoyed our drinks all while watching the dunk contest. What a great night.