Monday, November 24, 2014

Week #77

Hi all! These week was so weird. I don't know why. It just was. Probably because I gave my DEPARTING TESTIMONY at our zone conference this week. Whatthewhat!? Uh. I don't even remember what I said. But now everyone dwells on the fact that I'm leaving. I've got time people! 3 glorious weeks! Anyway, that was weird.
But the zone conference was good? Elder Falabella from the 70 came to speak to us. He talked about families the whole time. So much focus on marriage and eternal families. But it really was soo wonderful. I love this gospel and I love that it is for families! Well, everyone, but especially families.
Speaking of families, I got a name to take to the temple next week! From our own family!! I am so excited! We do family history every week and the awesome consultant in our ward is a master at family history. She helped me do some work and now I'm taking the name to the temple next week! I can't wait!
What else.... I can never remember anything. Oh, we had interviews with President and Sister Choi this past week. They are the greatest. I can't say that I've always liked them, because I haven't, but I really love them. Truly I do. They have changed my life and I will always be so grateful. During my whole entire interview, President Choi talked about marriage. Heck, I can't escape it! Haha it's quite comical actually.
Mmmm... We had theeee coolest nerf gun war this week. We were visiting a lady in our ward and her son and at the end of the lesson we had the most intense nerf gun war. It was probably the best way to end a Sunday. The church is true!

Monday, November 17, 2014

Week #76

Hi everyone!!! How's it?!
Things are going great here! Just truckin along! We had our new missionary training this week. It was awesome. It's funny remembering the first week I was in the mission. It was a loooong time ago. And I definitely was not as prepared as these missionaries. Ha! Ah well. Hopefully I've progressed a little...
This week we've done a lot of good finding, lots of Hindu people, and lots of singing. We love singing! So funny story about that... So this lady one night wouldn't open her door but my companion asked if we could sing her a song anyway so we started singing to her door. At the end of our song we heard someone doing dishes. We all looked at each other and busted up laughing. We totally sang to an empty door. Hahahaha it was sooo funny! The things we do as missionaries... As far as investigators go... Debbie is fine. She is super hung up on her surgeries and the fact that she got bit by a dog in the face. Which is now turning into a law suit. Awesome. So the gospel isn't her top priority right now. Sigh. Hopefully that will change... Cross your fingers! Or pray. Both work.
We got a chance to do some Family History this week. That was awesome! The spirit of Elijah is real! We only did it for a little bit but I definitely felt the power of it! Our ancestors need us! I found some people that I can potentially take to the temple in December so hopefully that will work out.
What else.... This week was SO stinkin cold. Like really. Man, it's been cold here. The fuzzy socks and tights have come out. A nice member actually bought us gloves and golf balls so we can knock people's doors with that. Holy Hannah it makes a difference. I'm so happy! Knocking with golf balls = happy knuckles.
Anyway, enough rambling. I love you all! Remember to be grateful! We are so lucky to have the gospel!

New companions--Sister Beenfield and Sister Clayson

Monday, November 10, 2014

Week #75

Hi all!!
This week was a good one! I am trying to think of things that happened since last Wednesday... Which was when I emailed last haha... Umm. We moved apartments! We spent a full day doing that, we have a clean new apartment now! We are in the same complex just a different building but we are still not fully situated. 3 girls with a lot of stuff. It's a challenge.
My new sisters are the greatest! They really are an answer to many prayers. I can't express my gratitude for them!! It makes me a little teary thinking about it. Ah, i'm such a sap. But I just love them and am so proud! I was nowhere close to where they are when I first came out. They are teaching like pros already.
So as far as the work goes, Debbie, our fab investigator, prayed about baptism and got an answer from God that she was "supposed to be baptized immediately!" Haha woooot! Best call we've ever gotten. But of course, Satan sucks and kicked his minions into gear. She got attacked by a dog and now needs plastic surgery on her face. really? REALLY!? So dumb. But hopefully things will continue to go well. We are really searching for the elect here in K1! And they will come!
All is well. I am happy. I love this gospel. I love being a missionary. The church is true! I am so grateful to my Heavenly Father for helping me every single step of my mission. I am forever indebted to Him! Be happy!

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Week #74

It's been a minute. But here I am. Starting my last 6 weeks. Whaaaatthewhat!? Kinda freakin out. It's fine. Totally bittersweet.
So I don't even remember this past week to be honest... Kind of a blur. We had lots of members come out with us but it was definitely a slower week. Plus, I don't have my planner so I can't even tell you what happened. Then, transfers!!!! I totally had a feeling that something was changing but I had no idea what. SOOOOO Sister Salabao got transferred! Then... The next morning they called me to be a trainer!! HOLY.... I was like, are you sure?? Yikes. Ahh well. God I guess knows what is best....
So, we get to the transfer meeting and I find out... I'm training 2 sisters!!!! OH MY HECK. So one, Sister Clayson is from Spanish Fork, UT and is a 2nd grade teacher. She has been out 6 weeks so I'm finishing her training and the other, Sister Beenfield is from Riverdale, UT and is straight from the MTC. Ha! I really don't know whose idea this was....
BUT it's been soooo good! Man, I never thought I would be a trainer but it's so so good for me. Training I really feel like I need to be on my A game all the time. I mean, I probably should be anyway.... but now my every move is being watched! Oh, the pressure. This past 2 days have been very prayer-filled. These sisters are soo wonderful though. I'm learning more than they are!
Well, there is my life! That's all I got. Or atleast all I can remember. These next 6 weeks are going to be awesome! LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH.

Goodbye Sister Salabao!