Wednesday, March 1, 2017

a baby moon (sort of)

We went on a babymoon! Sort of. Okay wait, actually no we didn't. We went to Hawaii with friends. Which is still pretty freakin' awesome. We went with a couple of single friends and another couple. It was so fun! But, I'm not calling it a babymoon just so we can go somewhere warm and nice again in a few months time. Ha!

Anyway... We planned this trip back in December and I was waiting and waiting and waiting.... and we finally went! And it was just as wonderful as I had hoped.
I reeeeaaaallly miss Hawaii life.

We ate so much good food! Oh heavens. That may have been my favorite part.

That. Ooooohhoohohohohhh my. Frozen yogurt with fresh pineapple, bananas, coconut, and lilikoi butter! Basically what dreams are made of.
Obviously I'm pregnant and love all the food.

The house we were stayed in was awesome! We Airbnb-ed (?) a condo at Turtle Bay. Which I 10/10 recommend. Great location and it was nice! We, at our max, had 8 people staying in the 1-bedroom-with-a-loft house. So there were cramped moments, but it worked out just fine. Thankfully our friends were nice enough to let me have a bed. Thank you, friends!!

The boys headed out to surf and me headed to my workout at sunrise.

Every morning while the boys surfed early, I got up and went outside to do a workout. I watched the sunrise almost every morning and it was awesome. Everyone everywhere should do that all the time. It seriously was so peaceful and relaxing.

After the boys surfed in the morning, they would usually surf again in the afternoon. So we would pile in the car and follow them to another surf spot. This is a lot of what my view was haha. But I really wasn't all that mad. I got to go to the beach, lay out, take a nap, read a book. Basically what I wanted to do anyway!

Different spot, different day

Poor Kade. He went out one morning and obviously did a half-a job at putting sunscreen on. He was FRIED. Like, skin was a nice shade of purple fried. So bad. You could tell where he put sunscreen on though, so I guess we know it works?? When applied correctly haha.

If you look on Kade's shoulders you can see how distinct the line is! Haha. I ate my own words shortly after that. My feet were so fried it hurt to walk! Ugh. We're such mainland rookies.

While we were there they were having the Volcom Pipe Pro surf competition. It only ran one of the days we were there but we went and watched the day it did! Along with half of the island... But, it was fun! Naturally we got my favorite acai and hung out all day. Not too shabby.

We were even lucky enough to snag a picture with John John Florence! This wasn't at the competition actually. We basically stalked him and lingered on the beach to ambush him when he got out of the water... It's fine. But, when we saw him at the competition I felt like we were friends...ya know? Like, "hey I stalked you and you said hi to me! Remember??" That kinda friendship. Hahaha.

One day we went on a hike called Chinaman's Hat. Of course we had to stop and get McDonald's ice cream on the way ;) For this hike, you start at this beach and then have to swim across open ocean to this island and then you climb up to the top. So basically it was freakin' scary. Swimming. Across open ocean. Like, sharks?? Pregnant?? They can sense my fear? They can sense I'll fill them up a little more because I'm like 1 and a half people right now? Somehow I got talked in to it... Thankfully Kade brought boogie boards that we paddled out with and it ended up being not so bad! I was dead tired when we got there... it was probably a 20 minute paddle and then we had to hike up. That part was pretty steep and kinda scary but the view from the top was amazing!! So worth it. We didn't bring any phones or GoPros because we all forgot so I can't even show it off. Thankfully, there was a guy up there with a GoPro that took our picture for us.

Basically the trip consisted of lots of sunsets, lots of food, lots of surf, and lots of Kade :) Haha. I just love him. (Gushy wife moment)

Even the pregnant lady got to surf! So fun. Already planning another trip back for us!! A real babymoon this time ;)

Monday, February 20, 2017

no shame

At the beginning of January I met this lady that I will be in pretty regular contact with over the next couple of months. When we first met, we introduced ourselves and we told each other about our lives. She went first.
Her life is full of adventure. Fun, adrenaline-pumping, travel around the world, spontaneous, flying by the seat of her pants stuff. She is a little older, not married, and from what she said, lives a pretty cool life. It sounded awesome.
Then, it was my turn. I gushed about Kade and how he is the best best ever, how we just bought a house, how I'm still a student, and we live in Provo, and we're having a baby!! 
Her next question to me was, "How old are you?" I told her I was 23 and the whole atmosphere changed instantly. She became pretty disengaged and slightly standoffish and almost like she was looking down at me. 
I was shocked. Thinking about it for a little, I realized that she may have reacted that way because my life is your pretty average, Utah, mormon girl life. I got married relatively young (22), we've only been married for a year and a half and we're already having kids, and we bought a house in Provo, UT of all places... And that just didn't go with her style. She made it clear that she wanted nothing like the lifestyle I had. It was too cookie cutter and she wanted to be different and fun and definitely not tied down in anyway. 
After she reacted that way, the rest of the meeting was just weird. I started to feel kind of embarrassed about my life and the fact that I was young and married and pregnant. I felt the need to justify my everything in my life. "We bought a house in Provo because it's close to family... and we don't know where we want to end up yet..." "Kade is a little older than I am and so we thought we should start having kids..." You get the idea. 
I came home and was pretty down because of the interaction and I was a little bummed that my life wasn't more exciting or spontaneous like hers. I thought about all the things we wouldn't be able to do soon because we'll have a small human, how we're kind of tied down, and that we're a boring couple. 
I let myself throw a pity party for a minute and then I was like... 


Before my meeting with this lady I was beyond stoked about my life. I was stoked to be married and having a baby, I was stoked to have our own house, and I thought my life pretty dang amazing. 
Why did what this lady thought of me have to change my opinion about all of that??
Comparison is a real witch I tell ya.
After I ran through all of that in my head, I seriously wanted to cry. I was so ashamed of myself for being ashamed of my life!! I have absolutely nothing to be ashamed of. My life is beautiful! And it's MINE. 
So what if it doesn't conform to her standards? So what if we can't drop everything to travel across the world tomorrow? So what if we're pretty average? Her opinion is NOT important. Her opinion should NOT effect the way I live my life. 
I am proud to be a wife. I am proud to be a soon-to-be-mom and I want everyone to know that gosh dangit!! 
I felt the need to apologize to Kade... So I did and I apologized to the baby and to my house and to myself and basically everything I was ashamed of. And vowed to never do that again. 
My life is imperfectly awesome just the way it is.

Friday, February 17, 2017

oh baby!

K, let's pretend my long break never happened. At least that's what I'm going to do....

So, to the present. WE'RE HAVING A BABY!!!! There's a bomb for ya.

We found out on October 12th. I hadn't been feeling 100% and Kade suggested I get a pregnancy test. I thought he was crazy! I had been off of birth control for a couple of months by this point and we loosely agreed to start trying but we didn't try very hard for very long! Apparently we are the people that just get pregnant really fast!! Haha. We are very grateful for that, btw.

I felt so bizarre buying this!! 

The faintest of lines haha. But I was assured by the packaging that it doesn't matter how faint it is, it still counts!! 

Maybe not my best look. But also maybe not the worst I've looked this pregnancy... Post-gym, sweaty, no made up face and a lovely backdrop of my parent's garage haha. But, it was still a pretty darn happy moment. 

Here's a quick recap of my pregnancy so far:

1st Trimester - felt okay. That's pretty much it. I got a little nauseous when I woke up and would get that way if I didn't eat at really regular intervals. I'm talking like eating every 2 hours on the dot here... I didn't really like food though, it was more of a chore to eat than anything else. Nothing ever sounded good and smells were never that pleasant for me. Mostly I just wanted someone to make me food. And figure out what I wanted to eat. Because I sure didn't know. Only on occasion I would get cravings. Like, intense-gotta-eat-this-right-now-or-I'm-going-to-die type of cravings but that didn't really happen all that often. The most memorable cravings were potatoes and cream cheese. Not necessarily together, but if they came that way I probably wasn't mad.
For the most part, I was able to do everything I normally did and was just fine! I didn't throw up once and still haven't to this day! (knock on wood) I felt bloated a lot too but basically, I experienced pretty average pregnancy symptoms and they were on the mildest of mild side of the spectrum. Again, SO grateful! #blessed

Here is the first picture of our little peanut! It was the best, best thing ever being able to hear a strong heartbeat. 

2nd trimester - here we are! I turned a corner at about 12 weeks and have felt great since then. No more nausea!! I still eat a lot but that really isn't anything new haha.
We told everyone that we were expecting on Christmas. At that point, I was 15 weeks. We went to Fetal Fotos to find out the gender before we told our families. We just wanted to tell them everything all at once. We are having a BOY!!! Call me crazy but from the second we found out we were pregnant, I totally had this feeling it was a boy. Momtuition? Hunch? Luck? No idea. But it worked out in my favor! Haha.

We had our 20 week appointment and got to look at all of baby boy's body parts. He is healthy and developing just perfectly! That was music to my ears. Leading up to this appointment I was soooo nervous and anxious! Thankfully I had nothing to worry about. At the appointment, the kid was moving a ridiculous amount! If we tried to get a picture of his face he would roll and hide it. When we tried to get a picture of his spine he rolled again. He was so wiggly the whole time! My mom heart just about exploded. It was the cutest thing ever.

This is his freakin' adorable profile! And his hand by his face. By the looks of it, we've got a future thumbsucker on our hands.

Obviously those are his feet. Ah. Reeeeaaaally though. I just can't even!!

I'm currently 23 weeks and feeling pretty stellar. (That's almost 6 months for those who hate counting pregnancies in weeks. I used to be one of those people. It's fine. Really. I get it.) I am out of the stage of looking like I just ate a ton and am overly bloated and my belly is looking more like a pregnant one. Praises! It's weird but I love it. Baby is moving and kicking like crazy. Sometimes it kinda actually hurts! Like when he kicks my kidneys or intestines or whatever else is in there. Most of the time he just sits on my bladder though. So, that's nice.
But, I've been able to keep working out, food tastes good again, I sleep like a baby, my nails are the best they've ever been and I'm diggin this pregnancy thing. The only real thing that may be kind of inconvenient is that I get tired a lot. Most days I nap. But, I don't think napping is bad. In fact, I like it and I like that I have an excuse to do it every day. So, still winning.

Shiz is getting real. Noticeable even under a sweatshirt! 

And there ya have it! Pregnancy according to me, thus far. It's been pretty dang awesome and I'm feeling eeeeextra grateful.

*I feel the need to say that I am seriously so incredible grateful to have had such an easy pregnancy and to be able to have a baby at all. My heart goes out to anyone struggling with any of those things. I am so lucky and count my blessings everyday.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015


This past weekend we got invited to go paintballing with some friends.

Confession time. I've never in my whole life been paintballing. 

Kade was so disappointed! Hahaha. 

I really had no interest in doing it to be honest... This time or any other time. I heard it hurts when you get hit and you get massive welts. Not interested. 

After much asking and prodding, and a huge, fluffy, man-sized down coat being brought out, I somehow got roped into it.

I had no idea what to expect!! I really was so nervous. Sweaty palms, shaky knees, the whole bit. Plus, I was playing with 15 guys who were really into this stuff. I mean, reeeeaally into this stuff. 

We played in a forest and the second they shouted GO and I ran through the trees SO fast to the biggest one and hid behind it. I don't even think I shot the gun once. But hey! I didn't get hit! 

After that I started warming up and using the gun and running around and shooting and stuff. I felt so cool.

I only lasted a couple rounds. I was melting in that huge coat. I wanted to play more but there was absolutely no way I was going without that thing. 

I only got hit one time and it skimmed the sleeve of the coat so I really actually never got hit. It was awesome. 

 Here is the big coat of awesome. I give this guy 2 big thumbs up.

Just looking all hardcore and stuff. 

Aaaaand then totally killing the hardcore vibe. Haha!

In all of these pictures I was totally smiling and then trying to have a straight face and look all cool and then after looking at them I realized you can't even see our faces. Hahahaha *face palm*. 

After the experience I had, I'd definitely play paintball again. Assuming the big, man coat gets to come with, of course. 

We went "upcountry" to play and have our little bonfire. It is unreal up there. I wish pictures would do it justice but they just don't!! 

It is incredible. 

And cold. It was super nice to put on actual shoes (with socks!!!) and wear jeans.

Our weenie roastin', mallow toasting view.

Hooray for paintballing, not getting hit while paintballing, pretty sunsets, and marshmallows! 

Thursday, November 5, 2015


Halloween this year was kind of different. Besides the fact that we weren't home... I didn't get to eat my mom's uhhhmazeballs donuts (that's 3 years in a row!!!! It's a crime!), we didn't have any trick-or-treaters, aaaand we were in bed by 10. 

It felt so bizarre. 

We're lame. We didn't even buy candy for trick-or-treaters because we didn't expect any. Which ended up being a good thing because, like I said, we didn't have a one! 

We went to the ABC Store at like 9:30 because I was dying for a Reese's Peanut Buttercup (HAHA) and we didn't have any so we walked down our street and there wasn't a soul in sight! It was so dead! 

That was so strange to me because at home the party is still going all hours of the night ya know? 


Instead of dressing up on actual Halloween, we dressed up for our ward's trunk or treat. 

This was the result of a last minute Target run. 

The pizza is a children's small and was the last one... But I think it turned out alright...

We got pretty into it when we were figuring out our trunk though. We made a pretty legit oven! Complete with actual Pizza Hut pizza boxes!! That we were totally willing to pay for! Hahaha oh geez. The nice filippino lady gave them to us for free btw.

This is pretty much the only picture we took with it... So you can't even see the detail or the blood and tears on our display! 

Just kidding.

It did look pretty legit, though.

Our carved pineapples turned pretty swell too! 

I'm a total fan of that. They're a tad more challenging to carve (read way mega sticky and messy) but they looked so cool! 

Don't worry, we made sure to carve them at someone else's house. ;)  

They smelled so good!

Just to keep it traditional we did carve our pumpkin from the patch. But I liked the pineapple way better.

Bummer is, they rotted so fast (darn humidity) that we had to throw them away like 3 days after we carved them.

Actual Halloween ended up being a pretty laid back night, which I wasn't mad about. And there was no sugar hangover the next day!

Slightly bummed about that....

Hope your Halloween was as cheesy as ours! :)