Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Here is a little of what I've been up to as of late!

I went to the Joshua Radin concert up at the Depot with my cousin and her cute roomies. 

The best part was after buying our t-shirts (our expensive t-shirts at that) we got special wristbands to meet him!! Woo!

He was such a cool guy and definitely sounded better live than on the cd. I love when that happens!

And, he said my name was cool! Score one for Montana!

Continuing on...

Lately, I've been having a few pool days...

Braiding some hair...

Waiting to see the freaking awesome Batman!!...

Waiting some more for the freaking awesome Batman...
(4 hours to be exact)

Finally seeing the freaking awesome Batman!!

And most importantly...

Sending a missionary off!!!!

These are a few pictures from his farewell on Sunday. He did uhhhmaazing! 
Like really. Best one ever.

Fake laughs are always nice, right?

Hey, like his tie? I know, I gave it to him :)

On Monday, I got to hike Ensign's Peak with him and his family. 
I've lived in Utah my whole life and never done this. It was pretty neat stuff.

The beautiful view


Then, on Tuesday morning Josh took me to breakfast at Mimi's.

Our hot chocolates. Can I get a freakin' amen??!

After, we took a walk down by Utah Lake. Then, we took some pictures obvi.

Hi retarded hands...

It was a good morning.

Then, came the really fun part of saying goodbye... Well freak, I came to the conclusion that I suck at goodbyes. It was hard. Like really hard. 

Saying goodbye to your best friend for 2 whole years is no small feat, my friends. It was rough.

BUT, I know that this is exactly where he is supposed to be. I wouldn't have it any other way and words cannot express how proud I am of him! This is so much harder for him than it is for me but I know with my whole heart he is going to be so blessed.

It is so Josh's personality to get to the MTC and then to LA and work his butt off. I am so excited for him!

Now, let the countdown begin!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

4th of July

Alright, so 4th of July was a while back.. I'm a little behind. 

BUT! It was awesome so it deserves to be shared. 

Instead of spending our 4th of July in Coronado like we have for the past 9 years.. We spent it at home. Weird. 
Much thanks to the Pedersens for having a sweet party and giving us something to do! 

A beautiful view of the sky from the Pedersen's yard

 Sad as it is, these are basically the only 2 pictures I got from the night. And one isn't even mine...

Since fireworks aren't allowed in our area, we hopped in Josh's car and drove all around town trying to find some. We found lots and eventually just parked on the side of the street and watched quite a few shows from the hood of his car. 

But, that wasn't even my favorite part. The next morning, our 4th of July holiday continued and the family headed down to the Ranch. I couldn't go but I came a day later and spent a whole 25 hours there! I think it was worth it and here are some pictures to prove it... 

This is what we did all day! SO worth it!

All the big girls got to go on a long razor ride with my parents

We stopped at Fish Creek Lake and of course it was a photo moment. It was beautiful there! 

Then, of course the Grover parade is a must.

Our family's own personal float! Try and tell me that isn't cool.

These two cuties enjoying the candy way more than the parade

Pie eating contest. Naturally.

For the first time being home for the 4th in 9 years.. I'd call it a success. 

Friday, July 13, 2012

The Library

When people ask me what I'm doing these days my usual reply is reading. Followed by the usual reply of: Are you serious!? 

I have stayed home quite a few precious weekend nights to read in my career.. (Gasp) Yeah, I'm that serious. 

I have always been a reader. I was one of those kids that had their mom get mad at them because they were up too late reading, or would be in the middle of 3 different books at a time. 

So a few days ago, I dragged Emerson to the Orem Library with me.

It was magical!

I honestly forgot how much I LOVE the library. 
(Nerd moment.. Sorry not sorry)

(When we first got there I had to ask if my library card even worked because it was soo old. Embarrassing!)

Rows upon rows of beautiful books filled with hundreds of thousands of different stories.. I'm salivating just thinking about it. 
Given the choice between Facebook, Instagram, my beloved sudoku games and books.. Books win by a landslide. 

There is nothing so refreshing as sitting down and escaping to a magical place inside a book. Ooo, I love it :)

Back to my adventure at the library..
I didn't want to go overboard and get into 4 different books without the hope of finishing one, so my greedy hands fixed themselves on one book and away we went. 

But I promise Orem Library, I will be back!! 

"Reading takes us away from home, but more important, it finds homes for us everywhere."
- Hazel Rochman

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

A Refresher

This past week I spent in Laguna Beach, California with my family so that is the reason for my absence of blogging. 
Wait, who am I kidding! I probably wouldn't have blogged anyway. HA!
I really did spend my week at the beach and it was so so needed and so so enjoyed! 

I truly believe that I am a California girl at heart and have been unfortunately relocated my whole life. Not that I don't love Utah because I do! But man, I LOVE California.

How could you not love that!?

But, really. It was an amazing week! I was surrounded by my incredible family, good food, and plenty of beach lounging. 

I think the rut I have been in for the last few weeks has been somewhat resolved. Thank heavens!!!!
Something about the salt water and sand seemed to have done me good. 

Here are a few pics from the week:

The ferris wheel at Balboa Island is always a must. 

Cute boy Beck

So is a corn dog!! 

Best one I think I've ever had.

The beautiful view from the Pier

I was surrounded by little kids all week but I wouldn't have had it any other way!  We got to take these cuties on the trolley to the candy store. Highlight of the week right there. 

Little angel Kamae

We spent a lot of time at this place 

On Thursday, it was my grandma and grandpa's 50th wedding anniversary and also the 2nd year anniversary of my grandpa's passing away. So it was a very special day for our family. 
We took 50 balloons and tied little notes to my grandma and grandpa and launched them into the sky! And yeah, I cried. I'm a baby. 

All in all, it was a great week and exactly what I needed. 
Yay for family!