Tuesday, July 17, 2012

4th of July

Alright, so 4th of July was a while back.. I'm a little behind. 

BUT! It was awesome so it deserves to be shared. 

Instead of spending our 4th of July in Coronado like we have for the past 9 years.. We spent it at home. Weird. 
Much thanks to the Pedersens for having a sweet party and giving us something to do! 

A beautiful view of the sky from the Pedersen's yard

 Sad as it is, these are basically the only 2 pictures I got from the night. And one isn't even mine...

Since fireworks aren't allowed in our area, we hopped in Josh's car and drove all around town trying to find some. We found lots and eventually just parked on the side of the street and watched quite a few shows from the hood of his car. 

But, that wasn't even my favorite part. The next morning, our 4th of July holiday continued and the family headed down to the Ranch. I couldn't go but I came a day later and spent a whole 25 hours there! I think it was worth it and here are some pictures to prove it... 

This is what we did all day! SO worth it!

All the big girls got to go on a long razor ride with my parents

We stopped at Fish Creek Lake and of course it was a photo moment. It was beautiful there! 

Then, of course the Grover parade is a must.

Our family's own personal float! Try and tell me that isn't cool.

These two cuties enjoying the candy way more than the parade

Pie eating contest. Naturally.

For the first time being home for the 4th in 9 years.. I'd call it a success. 

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