Monday, October 27, 2014

Week #73

Hello all!!
This week was a good one! I'm super glad it's over though. Ha that's bad. Anyway, we had what our ward called "Nephi's Challenge". It was basically ward members going out with us all week long and lots of activities and things for people to invite their friends too. I can't remember if I told you about this already... It was really fun but really stressful and a lot of work for the missionaries. We went on splits a couple of different times this week and took members out knocking doors in the rain. Haha! We felt really bad but we gave them a real-life missionary experience. Good times. At the end of the week, our ward had a huge fall festival/trunk-or-treat thing. It was really cute! Lots of cute kids and cute costumes. We had quite a few less-active and nonmembers there. Success! Sister Salabao and I couldn't dress up so we switched name tags. Clever, I know :)
We met this cool guy this week, his name is Beau! We tracted into him, taught him 2 lessons, and he came to church all in the same week! He is reading the Book of Mormon and good things are happening.
What else... We got lots of marital advice this week? I'm not sure why! Sooo many people just went on to tell us what we should look for in husbands. Haha kinda funny. Oh, another hilarious story. We visited this darling old lady in our ward and... she lost her teeth. Haha so we prayed that she would find them. we're missionaries. we pray for everything. Then, we left her house, went to our next appointment and she called us when we were there and was so excited because she found her teeth!! Haha most hilarious thing ever. God really does answer prayers!
So next week is transfers... So I won't be emailing until Tuesday. Then I begin my last 6 weeks. It's really, really, really weird. Anyway, LOVE YOU ALL!!!!

Monday, October 20, 2014

Week #72

Hello dearest friends and family!
This week was preeeetty good! We had zone sports day on Monday. I was sore until probably yesterday. It was ridiculous. I also went on an exchange this week and I got to go back to Seattle!! It was the best thing ever. I miss that place so much! I went to the ghetto of Seattle and felt totally at home. Ahhh... One more chance to go back! I'm prayin for it.
Today starts the kick off for our ward's "Nephi's Challenge". So it basically is a whole week of straight missionary work! We are going to be on splits or out with members all day every day for the next week. Then at night we have fellowshipping parties for members and their friends or the people we find. It's super stressful because we actually have to find things to do with our members.... But we know Heavenly Father will provide.
So the weather here is still beautiful and it is a miracle!! It will rain for one day and we keep saying ohhhh the rain is coming! But then the next day it will be 70 degrees and sunny. Like it is now. I call it a tender mercy from Heavenly Father and I am NOT complaining!
Sorry this is a lame email... I don't have a ton to report!! But I did find out that I get to go to the temple one more time before I come home!! December 2nd is the day! Woooooo!!
Ummm... you're all awesome! Love you all soooo much!!!

Monday, October 13, 2014

Week #71

Hi, hi, hi!! I hope you are all doing fantastic!!
This week was pretty good. Let's see, we had an awesome Zone Conference. Those are always fun! It was probably my most favorite one that I've had on my mission. President Choi talked about marriage the whole time it seemed like haha. It was....awesome.
This week when we went to see one of our investigators the first thing out of her mouth was "I did some research on the internet..." Crap. I hate when that happens. So we did our best to resolve her concerns with all the anti material that she found but it didn't work out too well obviously, because she dropped us :/ So that was a bummer. But we have found other people to work with so it will be great!
What else.... we went in to primary on Sunday. I forgot how much I love Primary!!! It's the best. Umm... it rained cats and dogs for a night when we were out tracting? It rained hard enough and long enough to get us soaked and then stopped completely. Then the sun came out. It was so dumb haha my shoes were soaked! Every step I took water came out of them. It was great.
Anyway, enough rambling. The church is true! I love you all!

Monday, October 6, 2014

Week #70

Hi all!!!
Oh man, first things first. Was conference INCREDIBLE or what!?!??! Ahhh. It's like Christmas for a missionary. Honestly, I got a little teary eyed when it ended though! I didn't want it to end! I just learned so much! I feel like all of Saturday was like, whose side are you on?? And then Sunday was like, you should be on the prophet's side. Ha I thought it was great! I really just came to the conclusion that are prophet really is a prophet of God. Truly. We are soo lucky!! I'm with mom, one of my most favorite talks was Elder Klebingat! I thought it was fantastic!!! I have so much more to say but I don't even know what...
This week we got to experience bikes for a day! Some elders needed to borrow our car so rather than walk we took their bikes. It was theee greatest ever! Oh my gosh I want/need a bike. So don't worry, I asked our president.
This week we found a couple new people to work with and it's been awesome! the work is picking up here! Aaaaand we got to watch Meet the Mormons!!! Our President won't let us see it in theaters but we got to watch it in the Stake Center. I hope you all are buying tickets and are going to see it. I loved it! and of course I totally cried. It was so good! It just made me feel really good about being a member of the church with thousands of other amazing people. The church is definitely true.
I love you all!!!!