Monday, October 13, 2014

Week #71

Hi, hi, hi!! I hope you are all doing fantastic!!
This week was pretty good. Let's see, we had an awesome Zone Conference. Those are always fun! It was probably my most favorite one that I've had on my mission. President Choi talked about marriage the whole time it seemed like haha. It was....awesome.
This week when we went to see one of our investigators the first thing out of her mouth was "I did some research on the internet..." Crap. I hate when that happens. So we did our best to resolve her concerns with all the anti material that she found but it didn't work out too well obviously, because she dropped us :/ So that was a bummer. But we have found other people to work with so it will be great!
What else.... we went in to primary on Sunday. I forgot how much I love Primary!!! It's the best. Umm... it rained cats and dogs for a night when we were out tracting? It rained hard enough and long enough to get us soaked and then stopped completely. Then the sun came out. It was so dumb haha my shoes were soaked! Every step I took water came out of them. It was great.
Anyway, enough rambling. The church is true! I love you all!

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