Monday, October 27, 2014

Week #73

Hello all!!
This week was a good one! I'm super glad it's over though. Ha that's bad. Anyway, we had what our ward called "Nephi's Challenge". It was basically ward members going out with us all week long and lots of activities and things for people to invite their friends too. I can't remember if I told you about this already... It was really fun but really stressful and a lot of work for the missionaries. We went on splits a couple of different times this week and took members out knocking doors in the rain. Haha! We felt really bad but we gave them a real-life missionary experience. Good times. At the end of the week, our ward had a huge fall festival/trunk-or-treat thing. It was really cute! Lots of cute kids and cute costumes. We had quite a few less-active and nonmembers there. Success! Sister Salabao and I couldn't dress up so we switched name tags. Clever, I know :)
We met this cool guy this week, his name is Beau! We tracted into him, taught him 2 lessons, and he came to church all in the same week! He is reading the Book of Mormon and good things are happening.
What else... We got lots of marital advice this week? I'm not sure why! Sooo many people just went on to tell us what we should look for in husbands. Haha kinda funny. Oh, another hilarious story. We visited this darling old lady in our ward and... she lost her teeth. Haha so we prayed that she would find them. we're missionaries. we pray for everything. Then, we left her house, went to our next appointment and she called us when we were there and was so excited because she found her teeth!! Haha most hilarious thing ever. God really does answer prayers!
So next week is transfers... So I won't be emailing until Tuesday. Then I begin my last 6 weeks. It's really, really, really weird. Anyway, LOVE YOU ALL!!!!

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