Monday, October 20, 2014

Week #72

Hello dearest friends and family!
This week was preeeetty good! We had zone sports day on Monday. I was sore until probably yesterday. It was ridiculous. I also went on an exchange this week and I got to go back to Seattle!! It was the best thing ever. I miss that place so much! I went to the ghetto of Seattle and felt totally at home. Ahhh... One more chance to go back! I'm prayin for it.
Today starts the kick off for our ward's "Nephi's Challenge". So it basically is a whole week of straight missionary work! We are going to be on splits or out with members all day every day for the next week. Then at night we have fellowshipping parties for members and their friends or the people we find. It's super stressful because we actually have to find things to do with our members.... But we know Heavenly Father will provide.
So the weather here is still beautiful and it is a miracle!! It will rain for one day and we keep saying ohhhh the rain is coming! But then the next day it will be 70 degrees and sunny. Like it is now. I call it a tender mercy from Heavenly Father and I am NOT complaining!
Sorry this is a lame email... I don't have a ton to report!! But I did find out that I get to go to the temple one more time before I come home!! December 2nd is the day! Woooooo!!
Ummm... you're all awesome! Love you all soooo much!!!

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