Monday, September 1, 2014

Week #65

Hola, hola family!
Our first full week in K1 and it was a good one! We are doing a ton, a ton of finding. We don't really have anyone to work with right now. We haven't been able to reestablish contact with the investigators that the elders had so hopefully we will be able to eventually! They were both planning on being baptized.

I had a really inspiring experience this week though... We were walking down the street and a lady had already passed us and we didn't see her but my companion eventually did and ran after her and started to talk to her. I came up and introduced myself and she started to cry. I felt so bad! Long story short, she doesn't know if she believes in God but we were able to pray with her and teach her a little. It was really sad because she didn't accept our invitation but I know that she will some day! I was really bummed about that for a good chunk of the week... someone so prepared but who wouldn't accept! Then on Sunday, we had an awesome lesson about missionary work. The teacher (one of the coolest dudes ever) told us that it takes 7 good, positive contacts for someone to accept the invitation to learn about the gospel and 32 good, positive contacts for someone to be baptized. He said we need to put aside all of our fears and the thoughts of rejection and be happy to be the Lord's number 4. Someone has to do it, so why shouldn't it be us? It opened my eyes and made me feel a lot better about our every day work. I'm happy to be a number 4.

Sister Brian

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