Monday, August 25, 2014

Week #64

This week was...... different. Wednesday night Sister Nudd and I were at our Ward Coordination meeting and we get a call from the APs. Never a good sign.... They said "Hello sisters. You're being emergency transferred. Be packed and at the mission office tomorrow at 8 am." Uhh whatta what!? We were freaking out! Everything was happy and hunky dory and then BAM. Sooo the rest of the week has kind of been a blur. There were a few different sets of missionaries that got all changed up. So, I'm still in Kirkland but just in a different ward. K1 now! It's an awesome ward. My new companion is Sister Salabao from the Philippines! Back to my foreign companions hahaha. This time I'll be learning Tagalog!
Sooo other than trying to figure out our way around and cleaning our naaaaaasty elder apartment (SO GROSS. I couldn't even sleep the first night it was soo dirty), we're doing well! Adjusting!
We did have a mission fireside last night though and I got to see Nyaagon! One of Elizabeth's kids from Thornton Creek. She was just baptized a couple weeks ago! And her son Boum is going to be baptized in a few weeks. I am soooo happy to see their whole family being baptized! Amazing stuff!!
Well, I love you all! Have an awesome week!

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