Monday, August 18, 2014

Week #63

Hello all!!!
Well, this week was exciting. Sort of... We spent time in the Urgent care. That was fun. and then the rest of the week was spent inside! Almost. Sister Nudd had really bad earaches and I've never had an ear infection and she hadn't either so we called the mission nurse (who, by the way, is older than dirt and hasn't practiced nursing for years. but she is the best! and we looooove her) and she said "take some aspirin!" She says that for everything... It still didn't get better and so the mission nurse said it might be serious so we went to urgent care. Long story short, she was on a medication for too long and caused everything in her head to swell. Her prescription was to stop taking the medication and lay low for a couple of days. so we did!
I read a lot of scriptures, prayed a lot, and read a lot more scriptures. The thing I came to the conclusion of this week is that God is real and Jesus is the Christ! I already knew this stuff but it was a sweet, happy, peaceful moment. I've been praying really hard to know what to do lately and to be honest, I have not gotten an answer. I've been awfully frustrated but I just kept praying. Then, the peace came. I don't know what I'm going to do but I know that I trust God and I just keep moving forward.
the church is true! I love you all!
Sister Brian

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