Monday, September 15, 2014

Week #67

Hello all!
This week was a good one! Too bad I can't even remember what happened... It went really fast! It seems like I was just emailing you. Ummm, lots of lessons, lots of knocking doors. Lots of heat!! it was sooo hot this weekend. I love it though, I am not complaining! We don't know what happened to Cory... But we found the cutest new investigator, Yen from China. So sweet. Umm. Yeah. Sorry, I got nothing else. haha miracles abounding in K1 I just can't recall them right now! Sorry...
Thank you ALL so much for everything!! Especially Sun and Jod for the aweeesome package!! I was definitely in need of some gummy colas. Thank you, thank you, thank you!! :)
Transfers are next week... I can't believe it! It went so fast! Well, I guess this was a weird transfer hahaha but that's okay. So I won't be emailing until Tuesday. If you have anything to send, please send it to the mission office :)
Love you!!!

Driving by some random guy's yard in Seattle!

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