Thursday, October 8, 2015


Since Kade and I have recently moved to the island, we like to go exploring and actually see where we live! We usually do a new hike or go to a new beach or something new every week. 

One of our most recent adventures was going to the top of Mount Haleakala to watch the sunrise. 

That involved getting up the mountain and getting up there earlier enough to see the sunrise. That meant 3:50 AM! 

Nobody should ever get up that early.

But, we did. 

After a forever long car ride of complete blackness and a really small, windy road, following like 30 other cars, we made it to the top! 

And it was cold.

I don't know if Hawaii has softened me up, or it really was just that cold. But, man! Who would've thought Hawaiian temperatures could reach as low as 40 somethin' degrees. Not this chick. 

So anyway, we waited for the sunrise, and waited, and waited....

sunned out. sorry, kade.

It was the coolest thing being above everything else and being able to see the whole entire island from one spot. It was amazing!

It was way cold and way, super early but it was so worth it.

The nap after wasn't too bad either. ;)

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