Monday, February 24, 2014

Week #38

"WOOOOOOW we're halfway there, wooooaaaaaahhhhh livin' on a praaaaaayer!!!" That has definitely been the theme song for the week. Ugh, I have been exhausted this week!! Mentally, physically, spiritually, emotionally.... However else I can be exhausted I am. I've broken down like 8 times this week. Tears have actually come out of my eye balls when the alarm goes off in the morning. Also, i was running the other morning and totally broke down into tears. (Remember mom that time in Coronado when we were running and I just started bawling!? HAHA) Clearly my spiritual stamina is really weak right now. So if anyone has any tips, tricks, or things of that nature to help, send them my way!!
Along with being exhausted, i've been very humbled. Our investigators are progressing fine, or so we thought, until they started making comments that led us to believe they don't understand what we're teaching. I've been able to answer every question they've thrown my way but clearly i'm talking at them. Not TEACHING them. I've come to realize that this is definitely my weak point. I have a hard time recognizing and feeling the Spirit so it's hard to let him take over. I've just come to realize how important it is when we're teaching or people don't understand... Like our investigators. So, it's something i'm working on.
Not much else to report! It was transfers this week but Sister Imai and I are both staying. I'm pretty happy about that. I like this area. Anyway, I think that's it!! Sorry my emails get lamer and lamer every week... But I appreciate all the love and prayers!! They are definitely felt. I love you all!!
sister brian!

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