Monday, March 3, 2014

Week #39

This week was a good one! Lots better than last week. Thank the heavens. thank you all so much for the prayers and love. I've definitely felt it!!
So we're making good progress with Nevan Bacon. He is set to be baptized on the 22nd. We had to push his date back but we know he'll be ready! We've got a few new investigators too. One of them even came to church! We found her knockingon Saturday night and taught her a little on her doorstep. We invited her to church, not really thinking much of it. (oh me of little faith...) and the next day she was there! her name is Marlene Heinemann. She is the funniest, little, old lady with fluffy white hair. We like her.
We had a Zone Conference this week and we talked a lot about obedience. President Choi got up and asked each zone to give a percentage of how obedient he thought everyone was being. All the zones said around 80%. He did some sort of math and said okay, that means everyone is comitting around 5 sins. (I dunno where he came up with that, just roll with it) Then he called an Elder up and said, "Elder, you'll be paying for all the sins in your zone." Every missionary in the zone had to get up and say their name and count to 5 while the Elder did 5 pushups. There were around 30 missionaries in their zone I think. So he was doing fine until a little more than halfway. He started struggling, got really tired, was breathing really heavy. He asked if he could take a break and President Choi just looked at him. He sat for a sec and said, "No, I don't need a break." At this point, I'm a wreck. I started getting really teary and wanted to help this kid! i wanted to stop and say I'll take over! Then he finished. It was a huge struggle but he finished. Then president choi calls ME up to say what I learned... Of course. I was emotional and couldn't get anything but gibberish out but it really was such a moving and learning experience. I learned that the Savior asked if he could take a break but in the supreme act of love, he kept going. For us. He payed for all of our sins and was happy to do it. I really can't express what I felt and what I learned but it was amazing. The atonement is such a hard thing for me to understand sometimes because it's so big and so deep ya know? But I definitely understand it more and got a glimpse of what the Savior did for me. I cannot express my gratitude for it!! I love him and am so grateful for his sacrifice.
I love you all!!
Sister Brian

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