Monday, March 17, 2014

Week #41

Hello all!! This week was a good one. It was 60 degrees and sunny every day. That sure brightened my spirits! Thank heavens for natural vitamin d! I got to sort of tan my embarrassingly white legs.
So I got to go on exchanges this week, and I went to Mexico!! Sort of. Haha I went with a spanish sister and I realized how awesome the spanish people are. So humble and so nice!! Im really jealous. Ha but it was great! Didnt understand a single word that was going one but I loved it anyway.
We got an awesome referral for a guy that has met with Elders before but is really prepared this time around to here the gospel. He is giong to be baptized in April and we are stoked for him! There are prepared people here! It was a miracle.
We also had interviews with President this week. Mine was really short but it was good anyway. I walked out and the thought came to me... I love my mission. This is the first time I have ever said this. EVER. I'm a little embarrassed to admit this... But in the 9 months that I have been out I have never thought that. Until this week. It was weird because the second I thought that, everything got so much easier? And harder all at the same time. Haha. I thank Heavenly Father every single day for softening my heart and getting through my stubborness. I'm still working on it but I'm so grateful for the concept of enduring to the end. The best blessings come when its something we hve to work for. I love you all!!! The church is true!

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