Monday, March 24, 2014

Week #42

Unfortunately I don't have a ton to report for this week! I think it was Spring Break or something because it seemed like EVERYONE was gone. I can't tell you how many doors we knocked and no one answered. Or maybe they really were home hahaha. Anyway...
No new investigators to report on. Ours are doing fine right now! They are all super chatty. I swear we find the most talkative people haha it's hilarious. But they are great. We should have baptisms coming up in April. If all goes according to plan....
Funny story for this week. We had, no lie, 6 people come to the door either half dressed or completely undressed! I don't know what it is! Who answers the door like that!?!? Geez. Pretty sure my eyes about popped out of my head hahaha.
One more sort of funny story. Last night at like 12:30 I hear our door swing open and our apt. manager yells in, is anyone awake!? I thought to myself, well we are now you idiot. I was so mad hahaha. He came in and flips on the lights and says something from your apt. is leaking into the apartment below and it's flooding their kitchen. I was not even coherent at this point so he scrambled around our apartment and runs out the door yelling I'll be back!! So we both go back to bed. an hour later he throws open our door and yells the same thing!! We get woken up again and he tells us what is going on. Honestly I don't remember a word he said but he left in a hurry. then, at 3:30 AM!!! a plumber comes in. 3:30 am people!!! I was livid. He sat and fiddled around with our water heater for like 30 minutes and then before he leaves says, "You don't have hot water. And won't until tomorrow afternoon. Have a great night." Seriously dude?? Anyway, it was an eventful night to say the least.
Other than that, not a ton to report! It's been another beautiful week and today it is going to be 65! I am a happy, happy camper. Life is good!

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