Monday, November 25, 2013

Week #25

Hello all! Another week goes by in the Washington Park area... It was a long one too. Not a ton happened but I'll see what I can come up with...
We have 1 investigator (yes, just 1) I think I have mentioned her before. Her name is Zola. Anyway, we had a couple of lessons with her this week but we are probably going to have to drop her. She isn't progressing at all and it's so sad!
We've been trying to keep ourselves busy so we are doing a lot of LA work. There are hundreds of people in our ward that nobody knows anything about. So we are trying to find them all. 90% don't live there anymore and the other 10% are gay now but it's all good! It's keeping us sort of busy. We did get to see a less-active couple this week though. Richard and Marie. Richard has so many health issues and so we visited them in the hospital. Ah it was the saddest thing. He loves the missionaries so much but can't come because of his health so we visit them often. He is probably on his last few weeks of life though. It's the saddest thing! So be grateful for your health! I know I am.
I think that's about it! We did service for a lady in our ward and got to plant flowers for her so that was fun. And I think that's it! We're getting a nice long list of potentials who will hopefully turn into investigators soon so we'll see!!
Love you all!!!
Sister Brian

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