Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Week #26

It was transfers so sorry for the late email! I forgot to mention it last week. But, I am staying here in Washington Park so nothing exciting there. But I did get a new companion so that's cool! Her name is Sister Prows from Murray. She was my sister-trainer leader my first 3 transfers so I know her pretty well already.
This week was incredibly slow as you can imaagine. Holidays are hard on a mission because people ARE home but it doesn't mean they want to talk! On Thanksgiving we had a zone activity and got to spend the morning playing games and having treats. It was pretty fun. I spent pretty much the whole time playing Settlers of Catan with some elders. It reminded me of home! After we went to have dinner at the Stake Center. Every year our stake puts on a dinner for singles or people who don't have anywhere to go so that's what we did. We helped clean up afterwards and I think I did dishes for 2 hours straight. No kidding. Then we drove around trying to find members to visit but no one was home... We ended up at a really nice old couple's house for dessert. They had their whole family of like 25 there so it was slightly awkward but whatever. So that was my Thanskgiving!
We visited Richard and Marie again this week.. I might have talked about them before. Richard is really sick and has lots of health issues and had a brain annuerism or something like that... So we saw them in the hospital. They are the sweetest.
Our investigator Zola is not really willing to work right now... We don't want to give up on her just yet but she is so wishy washy! Ah it makes me crazy! But i love her anyway. Just keep her in your prayers that she quits smoking.
On a side note... I made it almost a whole 6 months without playing the piano in a meeting and my streak got ruined this Sunday!! It wasa a little boy in our ward's baptism and no one was there. So of course I got roped into playing... It actually wasn't as bad as I thought! But hopefully it doesn't happen aagain haha.
Other than that, nothing else exciting happened this week! I hit my 6 month mark on Thursday!!! Crazy!!
Thank you all for the love and support!!!
Oh, P.S. Our mail has been dumb this week and some of it could potentially be sent back.. If it is I'm sorry the address really is right!!! Just send it agaain :)
Sister Brian

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