Monday, November 18, 2013

Week #24

Surprisingly it was a pretty eventful week here in the wonderful Washington Park area!! We got to help a phillipino lady in our ward move. HOLY CRAP. I've never seen so much stuff in my life. We just kept moving and moving and moving!!! It was like a clown car. Only a house. We were only supposed to stay for like 2 hours but ended up staying the whole day because nobody else showed up. But, she bought  us Ihop so I was happy haha.
Then, we taught seminary!! But dang. Early morning seminary is a nightmare. It's so early! I couldn't have done it. I'm grateful I had it during the day or I probably wouldn't have gone haha. We taught on family history so that was cool. The poor kids were like all asleep but whatever haha.
Then, we had a couple of potentials we went back to try this week and we actually got to teach lessons! It was the craziest thing! One lady is named Miku. She has like no concept of God or religion or anything so that was different... But we taught about God and about the restoration and gave her a Book of Mormon. She committed to read but is a Phd student so she is so busy. The next is a guy named Will. 85 year old dude, slightly off his rocker, but so cool! He invited us right in and said, "So, what do you have to teach me?" It was awesome! I seriously think we covered every single lesson. We taught all about the priesthood and baptism and the whole time he was just saying," Oh, wonderful! That makes sense!" Golden right? So, we get to the point in the lesson where we're going to invite him to be baptized and.... He stood up and said,"Well, thank you for coming by! It was a wonderful talk! We'll see you in the spring!" ummm what!? Then we figured out his wife had just passed and he is still mourning and not really ready for change yet. We're definitely not going to wait until spring but we'll try again.
On Sunday we had a super cool meeting. Every ward in the stake here was asked to shorten their meetings and at the end have sort of a meet-n-greet type deal. Everyone was encouraged to invite their friends and show them how a mormon service was run. We invited a million people and nobody came but thankfully members had friends show up. It was so cool though because it was the Primary Program!! Ah. It was incredible. I was so close to tears the whole time. Honestly, I kept thinking that everything we need to know in the gospel we learned in primary. Those kids have the most amazing spirits about them.. SO sweet. I love this gospel. Man, it's good.
Alright. That's all for this week. Thank you for everything! I love you all :)
Sister Brian

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