Sunday, June 3, 2012

A Birthday Post

I don't always feel like my life is the most interesting thing ever so I never really know what to blog about.. But since I just had my birthday.. I feel it's blog-worthy.
Here is a post with wayy too many pictures and probably a lot more detail than you want..
Here we go :)

My day started off with Josh (and my mom) making me breakfast.. An amazing one at that!

French toast on cinnamon bread with tons of fresh fruit, whipped cream, bacon, and Tru Moo (my fav)!!
He knows me too well. 

I am not the best looking person in the mornings.. Don't judge.

I also came up to these beauties!

19 gorgeous roses from Josh!

This was the awesome birthday set up I got.

Then, he let me get ready and then we went to... Brace yourselves...

Yahoo! I actually have been wanting to go here for a while and so Josh put on a smile and away we went - hundreds of 4 year olds and all!

I'm awful and didn't even get a picture with my parents on my birthday but I have to say.. Between all the cards and calls and texts, it was probably one of the best ones yet! Thank you to everyone! More pictures to come! 

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