Monday, June 2, 2014

Week #52

sooo great news. it was my birthday!! I'm officially 21. bring on the wrinkles!!! Haaaa just kidding. my companion is 22 so i'm still the young buck here :)
Anyway more on that later.
This week was good! A little bit of a slower one. We've been having those a lot lately. I don't know what our deal is. Kind of annoying. But we were able to get a lot of people to church so that's good.
Elizabeth and her kids are all doing well! They are coming to church and really love it. They need God in their lives. They really do and I'm happy they recognize that! Even though I can't pronounce all of their kids names (they are ridiculous) I still love them!
Our 9 year old investigator Rochelle is awesome! We have a thousand pictures she drew on our fridge. So cute.
Brian is awesome! He is really searching and has a lot of questions about the Book of Mormon. It's awesome because it keeps me on my toes and makes me study hard! Haha.
Well, I can't think of much else. The weather here is beautiful. I wore a short sleeve the other day WITH NO JACKET. I didn't even bring one in the car. MIRACLES!
Soooo on SUNDAY, I got to take a nap :) And I didn't fast. Oops. I ate cake! Hahaha. I made my own birthday cake and got amazing presents from all my amazing people back home!!!!! and then dinner.... I just have to explain this because it was incredible. Waffle mix with a bazillion different toppings. We had pizza waffles, chocolate waffles, ice cream waffles, oreo, cheese, caramel, etc. etc. OH MY HECK IT WAS INCREDIBLE. pretty sure it was a carb overload but it was the best thing ever. It was an awesome birthday. So thank you to everyone!!!! I felt the love all the way out here!!! I'm so lucky :)
By the way, I'm 21.... not 12. haha

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