Monday, May 26, 2014

Week #51

Sorry no email last week... I ran out of time. Oops! It was a terrible week to run out of time too because we had SO many miracles! First off, we found a family of 9!! 9 PEOPLE!! It was amazing!! 6 of them are baptismal age and we are so excited! They are from Sudan and it was incredible. Then we had 14 people come to church!! Oh my heavens we were in complete shock. So was our ward haha it was the best.

So this week, we are still working with our awesome family. The parents are doing great and have already committed to do everything. We're so excited! Then Mary is another investigator from Sri Lanka. Then, we have 2 investigators from Ethiopia and Togo in Africa. Who else.... All these foreigners! It's been great though we are super happy. Prayers for all of these people would be awesome! Sorry I'm running low on time again.. HA I'm the worst. This email is super scattered and not that cool. Sorry.

What else... oh. just a little something small. I TURN 21 ON SUNDAY!!!!! Yes, I'm stoked. Yes, I remind my companion every day, and yes, members are feeding us waffles. (my favorite food)

Well, I love you all! Thanks for being amazing!


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