Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Week #54

HAPPY FATHER'S DAY TO THE VERY BEST!!!!! I love you dad :)
This week was good! We were focused a lot on Elizabeth who is now getting baptized on the 28th. Originally it was the 21st but her mom got mugged and is in the hospital in bad shape in Minnesota so she had to go and the only time she could was the 21st.... REALLY SATAN?? Stupid. But she is solid for the 28th!!! We can't wait :)
Ummm... Well, that was our huge focus for the week! Teaching her everything she needed to know for her interview. We've found a lot of cool people that hopefully we can turn into progressing investigators.
So I think that's it! Oh! We get to go to the temple next week! Praises! I think it will be my last time on my mission... Weird....
Love you all!!
sister Brian

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