Monday, April 28, 2014

Week #47

This week was so amazing!!! We had a baptism!!!! My dear, dear friend, Brother Craig Finney got baptized and confirmed this week. It was a blessed day! He is sooo golden and I felt it an immense privilege to get to be a part of this. Throughout this whole time I have been so humbled. I just kept thinking, I am not doing any of this. Heavenly Father saw fit to bless me with this amazing miracle. It was all his doing! But I'm not complaining I got to be a part of it!!!
We did some service the morning of and it ran long so I was speeding down the freeway to get to the stake center to fill up the font. We finally got it all going, we had to do it extremely quietly because there was a funeral going on... That didn't work out well. So we got everything set up and 3:30 came... No Brother Finney. 3:45.... nothin. 3:55.... nothin. By this point I was about to pass out! We kept calling our WML who was giving him a ride and he wouldn't answer! I was dying and was about to start crying when at 3:58 Brother Finney showed up. He changed really fast and we only started like 5 minutes late. Holy hannah was I glad to see him. It all went so well and I am so happy for him! He is such a stud and is pumped to get right to work!
I still don't have pictures to share.... Sorry.... Still no camera cord. Today I will get one! So you'll have to see Brother Finney later.
Anyway, that was the highlight of our week. We are on a high right now and are just jazzed about missionary work! Haha hopefully those feelings hang around ;) Keep praying for Thornton Creek! We've got a few great people and an awesome FAMILY we are trying to work with so hopefully we can help them start progressing!
I think that's about it. It was an amazing week!! Miracles!! I'm so thankful for the gospel :) I love you all!!

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