Monday, April 21, 2014

Week #46

Nothing too exciting to report this week!! I'm sorry I always say that haha. It gets pretty repetitive around here. We had to drop a lot of our investigators who aren't progressing so now we only have one. But he is being baptized on Saturday so that is awesome! Craig Finney is great. Everything is going well and hopefully it still week! Dumb Satan has a way of messing things up.
Other than that, we've been working our hardest to find new people to teach and can't seem to find any. Yet! Miracles will come.
Easter was pretty good! We did everything pretty much the same as normal. We had dinner with a member and that was it. But in my studies this week, I was in Alma chapter 40-42. Those chapters are amazing!! Ah, I have definitely taken them for granted. They are so powerful. I just had chills the whole time I was reading. I'm so grateful for a loving Heavenly Father who has this amazing plan for us. It's called the Plan of Happiness for a reason. I'm grateful that Jesus Christ is the center of that plan and the center of everything I get to teach every day! It is the biggest blessing.
I love you all, the church is true! Prayers for Craig Finney that his baptism will work out this weekend!
sister Brian
P.S. Sorry no pictures :)

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