Monday, January 27, 2014

Week #34

Hello ALL!
So again... Unfortunately I don't have a ton to report... It was a very long week haha. SO much knocking!!! We did see quite a few miracles though!
First, Robert. We met him Monday night knocking and he was interested... Sort of. He doesn't believe in God but invited us back anyway. On our second visit he did some "research" aka. he found anti material and had some questions. We answered as best as we could and asked him about prayer. We all took turns praying and he actually did it! He never has before and we know he felt something. unfortunately his wife doesn't like us and so we'll see where that goes.
Second, Ethan and Clayton. We were knocking (typical) and these 2 guys in their 20's answered. Neither of them really believe in God but we started talking about the book of mormon and committed them to read. We approached it from a Why Not attitude. I'm not really sure if that's ideal but it worked haha. So we are going back to see. They were super cool and have a housefull of roommates so I'm feeling multiple baptisms coming on ;) haha
Lastly, Nevan Bacon. We were going to a church tour (which fell through) but we had to leave our apartment way before we ever normally do. so we were walking to our car and just met this guy. He was very friendly and doesn't believe in God. We taught him how to pray and testified that it could change his life and he was visibly moved by it. We're going back to teach him tomorrow!
So, all of these people right now are basically just potentials haha but I think they count as miracles. So keep them in your prayers!!! Also, keep Thornton Creek in your prayers. We need it. I need it. Knocking doors all day is getting reeeeaaaalllllly old hahaha.
That's about it! Oh, one more thing. We taught High Priests on Sunday. Yeah that was weird.
Thanks for everything!! LOVE YOU ALL.  

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