Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Week #32

I got transferred!!!! Here I am last night thinking I was totally good and BAM. call from the Zone Leaders. I was blindsided! I'm so sad to be leaving Washington Park! We were finally starting to get things going there and I didn't want to leave my companions or Veronika! It was definitely a sad moment. But I'm excited about my new area! It's still in the same zone but we kicked elders out and me and my companion are white washing the area. Our AP called and told me that this area really needs help. They haven't had a baptism in over a year and is really struggling so he needs me and my new companion to go in and help it out. I don't know what the heck he expects ME to do!?.... hahaha but he said he has faith in me so we'll see how it goes. My new companion is darling though! Her name is Sister Imai from Japan. She came out the same time is me and is the most angelic and christ-like person I know!! Hopefully some of that will rub off on me haha. Her english is kind of rough so hopefully the gift of tongues will work for both of us!
Not a ton happened this last week.. It was pretty slow, not a ton of people were home but funny story for you all! So yesterday we were driving to see a less-active who ended up not being home so I'm trying to get us out of their neighborhood when Sister Prows screams STOP!!! I'm freaking out like I just hit someone and she just yells, "We have to go help that old man!!!" Now I'm dying thinking that I just hit this old man!! But really it was just this little old man taking down his christmas lights haha. So after I punched Sister Prows we all went and asked if he wanted help. He told us no but said his wife was in the kitchen so he opened the door and basically shoved us inside. We were a little flustered but went in and this lady was so surprised to see us! we ended up talking to them for like 2 hours! they aren't members but know lots of them. They called one of their member friends and I had to talk to him on the phone!! Weird! Anyway, he told me to tell the couple that they needed to hear us teach the Plan of Salvation to them. It was pretty funny. They agreed and said we could come back! Well..... now my companions will go back..... But anyway, miracle of the week.
I'm excited to be in this new area and to hopefully be getting some things going here! Sister Imai is just radiating with the Spirit all the time so I'm going to take a page out of her book!
I love you all!!!
Sista Brian

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