Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Week #33

So I really don't have a ton to report this week. HA. The elders we replaced, bless their hearts, left us with close to nothing so we are starting from ground zero. A blessing and a curse I think. We do a ton of tracting, which is not my first choice, but we really don't have another one! We are going around trying to visit all the members too so we are having good success with that. We have run into quite a few less-actives who we're hoping to visit regularly and get them coming back to church! 
On a side note, we do have a nice apartment! It's way bigger than my polly pocket house last transfer. I did a deep clean today because elders are disgusting and I couldn't stand it anymore. 
Aaaaaaand that about wraps up my week. Haha. Hopefully next week I'll have more to say! 

Keep praying for Thornton Creek... Heaven knows we need it. Thank you all for everything! You're wonderful! 

Sister Brian

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