Monday, October 28, 2013

Week #21

This week... was awesome. Hooray!!! I love it here. It's so different from Issaquah and it is exactly the change I needed. My new companion and I get along great! Which is awesome. She has only been here for 1 transfer longer than me and sisters haven't been in this area forever so we're figuring things out together. It's funny because we have certain areas that our bishop told us to avoid at night. Ha! We have some sketchy parts here. I think it's funny.
Our apartment overlooks the water which is so cool! I have no idea where anything is and I'm all turned around so truthfully I don't know what I'm looking at but it's way sweet anyway. The view makes up for the apartment. We live in a freaking shoe box! It's a one-bedroom apartment and probably the smallest thing ever. We don't even have a full size fridge! There is no dishwasher and no garbage disposal either. Apparently I was living the high-life in Issaquah.
But it really is great here. We pick up food from members almost every night of the week so that has been not so great. Everybody seems to think the sisters are running out of treats! We are NOT! But the ward is great. The bishop likes to have the missionaries involved with everything they do so we go to most activities and the sisters are active members of young women. They have 5 young women!!! So crazy. They had a trunk-or-treat that we got to go to, which was really cute. Then, at church on Sunday.... Oh my gosh. The people here!!! They are so liberal!!! The lesson in Relief Society turned into a debate on gay marriage. The ladies that were speaking seemed to think that once we got some 'new blood' into the leadership that gay marriage would be allowed. Yikes.
As far as the work goes, we have a ward of almost 500 people and maybe 150 are active so there is lots of work to do! We are just trying to figure things out. We did have a lesson with a less-active who has started coming back to church which is awesome! But during the lesson, i don't know what it was but I totally fell asleep! Hahaha it was hilarious. Thankfully she is going blind and deaf so she had no idea...
Anyway, i think that's it! Halloween should be interesting. Our Zone Leaders said we were going out to proselyte?! But we couldn't figure out if they were kidding or not.. Regardless of that, Sister Boyd and I will probably be spending the night at a member's. Our area is too sketchy to be out!! Okay. I think that's all now.
I love my Savior and I know he is there! I am soooo incredibly blessed and I know it all comes from Him. The church is true!
Sister Brian

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