Monday, October 7, 2013

Week #18

Another joyous week in Issaquah! This time no sarcasm!! We found 3 new investigators!!!! It was a dang miracle I tell you!!!! 
One lady is named Joyce and we found her tracting. (who'd have thought?) She just moved her but we taught her the restoration and she said she'd pray to know if it was all true! We asked to come back this week but she said she just moved and it's a transition time for her and her family so she doesn't want to rush into any decisions so we're going back next week. We're crossing our fingers that everything works out.
The next is a lady named Debbie. We met her going to visit a member and she was having a hard time so we prayed with her and talked about the Book of Mormon a little bit. We asked if we could come back and teach her more and she said yes!
The last lady was so awesome.. We were visiting a less-active member (her husband) and he was busy so she invited us in and basically just opened right up and told us her whole story. She was an alcoholic but is sober now because she found a higher power. She said she felt something was missing and she filled it with faith. She told us we could come back and teach her about our gospel so we're hoping it fills what is missing in her life even more! Her name is Carise.
So conference was AMAZING!! It was so interesting watching it as a missionary. We had to watch it in the Stake Center with all the other missionaries so there was no way I was falling asleep. All the sessions went by so fast that I was bummed there wasn't more! I couldn't pick my favorite because they were all so amazing! President Packer's talk particularly stuck out to me though. 
OH!! It was Salmon Days in Issaquah this week. We live right by a river so there is a Salmon Hatchery right here and every year for 2 days they just celebrate the salmon I guess. They close off streets and there are booths and tents and games and rides everywhere. It's like the fair a little bit. It was fun but there were some crazies there. Good food though? Hahaha. 
What else... OH!! Umm it's a miracle I'm not dead yet. Seriously. Sister Lee just one day took the liberty of driving and holy cow it was the sketchiest thing ever. I've been getting a lot of headaches lately and I decided it was whiplash. If there was an award for best driver.... It would not go to her. 
I think that about wraps up my week. Thank you so much for everything! Love you all!!! 

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