Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Week #20

BIG NEWS!!!! I got transferred!!! I totally knew it was coming though. You just get this gut feeling. But I was so ready for it. I love the people in Issaquah but I really needed to get out of my first area. And other big news.... I'm in downtown Seattle! I can't wait!! My companion is Sister Boyd and from the first 20 minutes I've been with her she seems really cool. She is from Texas. I am really interested to see all the people in this area! And Pike Place and everything cool is here so we can explore on pdays :)
So. That was the most exciting thing this week. But we did have Elder Paul Johnson from the seventy come and speak to us. That was cool. He is a really nice guy and talked to us about remembering that we are in our specific areas and places for a reason. It was cool.
This week was a really good week for me personally. I finished counseling! I'm still slightly embarrassed that I had to go see her but she helped a lot so I got over that really fast. When I first went to see her, I had to fill out a bunch of papers rating my feelings and stuff like that. The results came back that I was depressed. So we kept meeting over the whole transfer and when I went to my last appointment she said I had come leaps and bounds from where I was before. That made me happy. Not that I love my mission (yet) I still can't say that... Everyday is still really hard but it's gotten much better. I've totally realized the power of prayer this past week. My Heavenly Father knows me!!! And he listens! I say about a hundred prayers a day. No joke. Any time I feel myself start to think of home I just say a little prayer to help me focus and pretty much instantly I feel so much better. Prayer WORKS! I still struggle but I know my Heavenly Father loves me and doesn't want me to hate my mission so he has given me so much peace. That has been the most amazing blessing. I still feel like I have a million years left to serve but I know I can do it!
So this week was good :) Thank you so much for the love and support. I love you all!!!!

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