Monday, September 2, 2013

Week #13

Kathryn got baptized this week!!! It was incredible!! There were a million people there! Okay, maybe not but there were a ton of missionaries and so many people from our ward! It was packed. Like standing room only. Everything went perfectly and we had someone in our ward play the harp. It was so perfect! After, Sister Monks and I got a chance to just walk around the temple. That was so nice. And peaceful!! She was confirmed on Sunday and everything went according to plan. She is awesome and we love her!!

That reminds me.. The temple last week was so awesome!!! The Seattle temple is so cool! It has escalators in it haha it was hilarious. But it was beautiful. I honestly wish we could go more! I'd go every week if it were possible. 

What else... Transfers are next Tuesday! I have a hunch I'm going to stay here and that Sister Monks is leaving? It's so weird! I like don't know a mission without her! Hahaha. I guess we'll see what happens? 

We got a referral from a new convert in our ward to teach her friend. So we went over for dinner and taught Ariane the Restoration and part of the Plan of Salvation. We gave her a book of mormon too! It was cool but I'm not sure she's super interested. So we'll see! We also taught another lesson to a kid in our ward's girlfriend. Her name is Melissa. She was so cute! She was just rollin with everything we taught and she is already like half way through the Book of Mormon. Crazy!! Hopefully we'll get to teach her again!!

I think that's all.. Super short but our time is way short today. I love you all!!!!

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