Thursday, September 5, 2013

Kathryn's Baptism

Sister Brian, Sister Monks, Kathryn and Scott Denninghoff (Kathryn's work friend who baptized her)

Dave and Terri Young (ward members who helped fellowship Kathryn.

Turning on the water to fill up the font!

Putting in the plug!

After-baptism celebration. Ice cream with a fork!

It was amazing! So many ward members and missionaries came. Like standing room only! The talks were beautiful, given by the ward members who fellowshipped her--Dave and Terri Young. They are the cutest! Terri (Sister Young....oops!) reminds me of Grandma Brian. Ah, it makes me miss her! We also had a lady in the ward play the harp. She played Nearer my God to Thee and it was incredible. I was tearing up! (Thanks, Mom!) Sister Monks and I walked around the temple after (our stake center is right behind it). That was the moment I thought, man I'm doing something right! It was the best feeling and I'm so lucky I got to experience it.

On a funnier note....We had to be at the Stake Center 2 hours early to start filling the font but you can't leave it. It was right during our dinner time so we just decided to eat there. Sister Monks brought a little thing of easy-mac and I brought pancakes! Yes, pancakes! They sounded soooo good so I brought my pan, PAM, my Kodiak cakes, peanut butter, all the works! It was hilarious. I was still flippin' away when people started to show up! Ha ha! The whole room smelled like pancakes because of me. Ooops! Anyway, it was awesome.

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