Monday, August 5, 2013

Week #9

Hello! and happy 2 months to me! This week wasn't the most exciting but here is a little rundown of what happened..
We had a Zone Conference but it was a weird one. It was multiple zones and President Choi spoke. It was pretty good! It was supposed to be on mission culture but he kinda just spoke. He is a funny guy, I like him. His wife spoke too so that was pretty cool.
We met with Brandy, as always. Her husband just had major surgery though so she has to take constant care of him. The poor lady looked exhausted so we didn't get to teach her. The people that referred us to them had their son get baptized this week and invited Brandy and her kids but of course she didn't show up. We'll get her though!
I can't remember if I told you about a referral we got from the Elders but her name is Christina. Single woman with 3 kids. One of them is old enough to be baptized! We haven't been able to set a time to meet with her but we keep stopping by. We're so excited to start teaching her! HOpefully it will be this week! We're trying to get her (like everyone else we talk to) to come to church.
Speaking of church.. Jami promised she would come. AND she didn't. surprise. haha. Katherine did though! So that was awesome. We're teaching her tonight too.
That about wraps up my week. Seriously. HA. Pathetic.
BUT, on the bright side our apartment is AWESOME! It's so spacious and amazing! I'll be in the bathroom and Sister Monks will be in the kitchen and I can't even hear her! I've asked her to come in the bathroom with me cause I get lonely in there haha. But, the Elders seriously have no mirrors in there. That may or may not be a bad thing considering I'm getting fat and don't like to look... But it's still a pain. We had members go buy us one haha. The Elders did leave us all their food though. That was not nice of them. We had to clean out so much crap! The mold on all of their food was like growing into the tupperware so we could not even save them. I'll send some pictures of the apartment soon. Another odd thing, there are candles everywhere! Like what in the heck Elders? Seriously everywhere! The tall, white, Jesus candles too haha it's hilarious. It still slightly smells like Elder too. We're working on it.
Well, that's all. Love you guys!!

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