Monday, August 19, 2013

Week #11

his week wasn't the most exciting but here it is anyway!

We had a zone conference and it was good. Man are they long though! They fed us, which was nice but still.. I felt bad because I was dozing! President Choi talked about being homesick and how we should have fun with the spirit.  

Kathryn is doing great! She does in fact spell her name that way... I've been spelling it wrong since day one. Oh well. She is still getting baptized on the 30th so we're really excited! She is solid. I'm so happy we're baptizing her but not? As soon as we do, there goes our teaching pool! Ah well, it happens.

So we have been meeting with a former investigator named Lorena. She has had a few sets of missionaries but hasn't gotten baptized because of her live-in boyfriend. I can't remember if I told about her or not... Anyway. We put her on date for this coming weekend! We were so excited! But then she missed her baptismal interview on Sunday so we'll see what happens with that. We're really hoping though. She is ready she just doesn't quite know it yet. 

Aaaaaaand that about wraps up my week. Nothing exciting but it's all good. Thanks for the letters and emails! Love you all!!! 

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