Monday, August 5, 2013

Week #9--another letter

hello fam!
Sounds like another fun week at the Brian abode! Thank you SO much for the package!! It was perfect! I've had Crio everyday since I got it and pretty sure Sister Monks thinks I'm psycho. She still won't try it but I'll get her too! I'm buying creamer today so I'm really excited. The tank tops were awesome and I've worn my OneDirection shirt every single night to bed :) THANK YOU! Thanks for the scissors too! I'm sorry I feel like I am always asking for you to send packages and things to me. I do love you guys! Not just the packages.
Sounds like your biking trip was fun! Sorry about your crash, mom. Good thing it wasn't too bad. You guys are going to be crazy bikers when I get home I just know it! Do you have a bike hitch to take them down to St. George? That would be beautiful to ride down there! Especially in the fall.
I can't believe school starts for the kids so soon. It seems like the summer just flew by! But doesn't it always? Any other fun trips? Dad Hawaii will be fun! But I guess it's mostly work and no play. It's your traveling time here pretty soon right? It sounds like you'll be going a lot of cool places! Mom, since you are in the market for a job.. Work at 3B! How cool would it be if you taught yoga? Or work at Soel and send me cute clothes :) Tell Em good luck with the soccer tryouts! Be sure and tell me how she does!
Haha that cat story was hilarious dad! The people around here are crazy animal people so I do not like cats anymore. I barely like dogs. All the ones here nip at your ankles are little demons. I do miss Duke though... Is he still alive? Send a picture!
The apartment is good! We didn't swap with the Elders. They moved into another apartment with new Elders. There are 5 of them in their apartment. I kinda feel bad sometimes, we caused this huge domino effect. Oops. But it is nice to sleep without distractions! The members were bummed we left but we are not. It was a terrible environment for missionaries so it's much better where we are now. We are eating dinner with them tonight actually so that should be interesting.
I wish Finn and I exchanged emails! We don't. Haha he doesn't email me. But it's okay. I know getting an email out in the MTC is hard. I do pray for him everyday though. I hope he's doing good. I'm starting to read Jesus the Christ but it's pretty deep stuff. I'm excited though! It should be good though!
Tell Nate good luck on the mish! Finland is going to be crazy cool!
Thank you for your fast and prayers - they are so appreciated! We are still teaching the same people so hopefully something actually happens this week.
I love you guys! so much!!
Sister Brian

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