Monday, August 12, 2013

Week #10

So this week was a little better than last week! We met with Katherine the night I emailed and she committed to be baptized onAugust 31! woooo! We are so so excited! She asked what we would be teaching her next and we said the commandments and we gave her a little teaser on what they were. We said Word of Wisdom and told her it was like our health code then she says, "Oh! We don't need to worry about that, I already threw out all my coffee." Umm wha!? Still in shock we told her about the Law of Chastity ("No problem there, I'm dating a Mormon guy") and Tithing ("Oh yeah! When should I start paying that?") Are you kidding me!? This lady is golden! We cannot wait!!
Then, we were street contacting one night when we saw a harmless looking old man wearing red suspenders. We go up and talk to him and he says, "Will you come with me? I write poems about Jesus Christ and want to show you some." So we follow him and stay outside while he goes up to his apartment to get the poems. He reads them to us and they're nice, blah blah. We give him a Book of Mormon and tell him we'd like to come back. We schedule an appointment for Thursday at 2 and we left. This was Tuesday. He calls the next day and asks for someone elses number to verify that we're actually sister missionaries. Umm for real dude? Who would impersonate us? LDS Sister Missionaries, really? So we give him the bishop's number and tell the Bishop to prepare for a weird call. He calls us and says that Roger seems nice, a little weird, but nice. Then he tells us to take someone with us when we go see him. So the next day we get to his apartment just us 2. We couldn't find anyone to go with us. He comes down and says, "I hope you girls can walk up 3 flights of stairs to my apartment." We told him we couldn't go in to his apartment because of the ratio/safety rule. At this point... He loses it. He starts yelling and saying "You didn't tell me you couldn't come up to my apartment! I had everything set up and ready for you!" Woah, acca-scuse me!? You have WHAT set up and all ready for us?! There was no way we were going up there! Then he has the nerve to call us LAZY! Bah! Sister Monks and I were in complete shock. We had no idea what to say! He told us we were lazy and inconsiderate and didn't know how to do business because we didn't call him and tell him we couldn't come up to his apartment. Then Sister Monks said, "Umm, Roger. We never told you we would go up to your apartment." Haha that shut him up for a minute. We asked if we should just leave and he told us how he valued his time so now that we took it he wanted us to teach him. We were both so flustered at this point I had no idea what we were teaching him. We got our act together and gave the fastest Restoration lesson in history. Like a minute 30 tops. We testified of the Book of Mormon and asked him to read it. He said he had and that it was the most boring book he's ever read and it didn't even talk about Jesus Christ in there! Sister Monks then said, "clearly you didn't read it" Haha! So after that we promptly left. Yikes.
But... The story continues. He showed up to church on Sunday!! He sat in sacrament by his grumpy old self and then we asked if he wanted to come to Sunday School. He followed us there and walked in the class and saw a lady with a baby in there. He lost it again! This man is crazy. He said is there no adult class? We told him this was it and he said, "Why are there babies in here? When I study the Bible I want it to be quiet with no crying babies and distractions!" Long story short he stormed out of the class and that was the end of Roger. Man, we are not calling him back. So that was a long story but it needed to be shared!
We had a Zone Meeting this week, that was pretty fun. We met with Brandy again - she isn't progressing unfortunately. We, well Sister Monks, made Gooey Butter cake. Yeah, it makes my butt get bigger just thinking about it. It's a Paula Deen recipe so you can imagine.. It's to die for. And clearly I'm getting fat. Really though. There is a lady in our ward who served a mission in Russia and actually married her Zone Leader haha, who we went to see. She told us all about her mission experience and gave us an awesome pep-talk. She is so awesome! And it's funny because there are actually a lot of people in our ward who married people from their missions. We are always making bets on who is getting married from ours. We have started meeting with a lady that has had a few sets of missionaries teach her now. She has been dropped every time because of Law of Chastity issues with her live-in boyfriend. But we stopped by and they broke up so hopefully we can start making progess with her. We'll see!
I think that's basically it! It's been a pretty eventful week. Thank you for the emails and letters and prayers! They are so appreciated! Love you all!!
Sister Brian

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