Wednesday, March 1, 2017

a baby moon (sort of)

We went on a babymoon! Sort of. Okay wait, actually no we didn't. We went to Hawaii with friends. Which is still pretty freakin' awesome. We went with a couple of single friends and another couple. It was so fun! But, I'm not calling it a babymoon just so we can go somewhere warm and nice again in a few months time. Ha!

Anyway... We planned this trip back in December and I was waiting and waiting and waiting.... and we finally went! And it was just as wonderful as I had hoped.
I reeeeaaaallly miss Hawaii life.

We ate so much good food! Oh heavens. That may have been my favorite part.

That. Ooooohhoohohohohhh my. Frozen yogurt with fresh pineapple, bananas, coconut, and lilikoi butter! Basically what dreams are made of.
Obviously I'm pregnant and love all the food.

The house we were stayed in was awesome! We Airbnb-ed (?) a condo at Turtle Bay. Which I 10/10 recommend. Great location and it was nice! We, at our max, had 8 people staying in the 1-bedroom-with-a-loft house. So there were cramped moments, but it worked out just fine. Thankfully our friends were nice enough to let me have a bed. Thank you, friends!!

The boys headed out to surf and me headed to my workout at sunrise.

Every morning while the boys surfed early, I got up and went outside to do a workout. I watched the sunrise almost every morning and it was awesome. Everyone everywhere should do that all the time. It seriously was so peaceful and relaxing.

After the boys surfed in the morning, they would usually surf again in the afternoon. So we would pile in the car and follow them to another surf spot. This is a lot of what my view was haha. But I really wasn't all that mad. I got to go to the beach, lay out, take a nap, read a book. Basically what I wanted to do anyway!

Different spot, different day

Poor Kade. He went out one morning and obviously did a half-a job at putting sunscreen on. He was FRIED. Like, skin was a nice shade of purple fried. So bad. You could tell where he put sunscreen on though, so I guess we know it works?? When applied correctly haha.

If you look on Kade's shoulders you can see how distinct the line is! Haha. I ate my own words shortly after that. My feet were so fried it hurt to walk! Ugh. We're such mainland rookies.

While we were there they were having the Volcom Pipe Pro surf competition. It only ran one of the days we were there but we went and watched the day it did! Along with half of the island... But, it was fun! Naturally we got my favorite acai and hung out all day. Not too shabby.

We were even lucky enough to snag a picture with John John Florence! This wasn't at the competition actually. We basically stalked him and lingered on the beach to ambush him when he got out of the water... It's fine. But, when we saw him at the competition I felt like we were friends...ya know? Like, "hey I stalked you and you said hi to me! Remember??" That kinda friendship. Hahaha.

One day we went on a hike called Chinaman's Hat. Of course we had to stop and get McDonald's ice cream on the way ;) For this hike, you start at this beach and then have to swim across open ocean to this island and then you climb up to the top. So basically it was freakin' scary. Swimming. Across open ocean. Like, sharks?? Pregnant?? They can sense my fear? They can sense I'll fill them up a little more because I'm like 1 and a half people right now? Somehow I got talked in to it... Thankfully Kade brought boogie boards that we paddled out with and it ended up being not so bad! I was dead tired when we got there... it was probably a 20 minute paddle and then we had to hike up. That part was pretty steep and kinda scary but the view from the top was amazing!! So worth it. We didn't bring any phones or GoPros because we all forgot so I can't even show it off. Thankfully, there was a guy up there with a GoPro that took our picture for us.

Basically the trip consisted of lots of sunsets, lots of food, lots of surf, and lots of Kade :) Haha. I just love him. (Gushy wife moment)

Even the pregnant lady got to surf! So fun. Already planning another trip back for us!! A real babymoon this time ;)

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