Monday, July 15, 2013

Week #6

Hello!! Dad, don't call me Sister Brian.. I'm afraid I'm forgetting my first name. Haha.
This week sounded so crazy! I totally remember that. I'm stoked to read through Finn's farewell talk! Or dad's third farewell talk haha. It sounds like it was packed and I'm sure everyone came over after. Finn's friends can eat a lot so I'm not surprised you ran out of food. I want to hear from him how his temple experience was! He was probably thinking it was crazy just like everyone else does the first time. I'm so happy he had a ton of family to go through with him though! That's awesome about his extra long patriarchal blessing! What is the Patriarch's name? Everyone I know in the stake seems to love him. By the way, send me the recording of his talk! I'd love to hear it. That's hilarious that Joelle recorded it! HAHA I laughed out loud and told my companion that Finn fell asleep during his setting apart! That is so funny! And so not what you would think would happen with a missionary haha. But, I don't blame him. Being sick and so much going on this week I'd probably fall asleep too. I've sent him a couple emails to his ldsmail account so I hope he gets to read them in the MTC soon. Just advice on the MTC and all :) Be sure to tell him I love him and miss him and that he is going to be an amazing missionary when you send him off! What is his MTC address? I want to write him too.
Poor Indy, that surgery sounds nasty. Why does it take so long? It is a miracle he is finally going to get his license though! Dad, your bike sounds awesome! Haha I want a picture of it!
I'm stoked to get the package!! Thank you so much for sending it! Tell Emerson thank you for the letter too :) We're going to try the recipes and hairstyles! The mornings here are actually really nice but a little chilly so a nice hot cup of Crio in the morning would be awesome! I want Sister Monks to try it too. Haha pretty sure when I told her what it was she thought I was crazy.
Alright...  other things this week....
We watched the Joseph Smith movie they play in the Joseph Smith Memorial Building. I love that movie!! I'm such a missionary.. But she liked it I think? But she totally complained because the part when Joseph is praying is dark ya know? Like the devil is trying to tempt him? So she said we're giving her kids nightmares. She is such a dork. We're not making a ton of progress with her but we're trying.
We also met with President and Sister Choi this week, like one on one. They are awesome! And hilarious. It was a good interview. President told me my assignment this week was to tell you, mom and dad, that he loves and appreciates you so much and your help in getting me on a mission. So there you go :)
Next, did you get my letters with all the pictures?? We were tracting one night and knocked on a door of this Indian athiest guy. Holy cow. He chewed us out for like 30 minutes. Seriously. He told us there was no God and if there was, things like 9/11 wouldn't have happened and then he started talking about the sun and biology. Honestly, I have no idea what in the crap he said but he was just talking. Then, I gave him a Book of Mormon!! What!? I have no idea where it came from. Just the thought.. Give it to him. So I did. Haha I was afraid he was going to rip it up in front of my face... So uh.. That was fun. We'll see where that goes?
One other quick story.. So the Elders found a lady named Marie as a referral from someone in the ward. They called us one day and asked them to be fellowship on a church tour. We said sure, thinking the Elders would be there too. They called us and said meet her there! We asked if they were coming and they said no it was all us! We have never done a church tour so it was super sketchy. Thank heavens for the bishop or it would've crashed and burned. But I guess she liked it enough because she invited us back. So we went over one night and shared a message when she had a knock at her door. Sister Monks leans over to me and says how funny would it be if that was the Elders? Marie opened the door and....It was the Elders. HAHA! We kinda took their investigator but it's hard cause they can't go in her house. So I guess we're tag teaming her? I'm not really sure but it was funny anyway.
So I think that's all??
Oh, one more thing. The Sparks, the people we live with, have their daughter and 2 granddaughters staying with them for the whole summer. I repeat: THE WHOLE SUMMER. One is 6 and is probably the most obnoxious child i've ever met. Her name is Keira and she loves sister missionaries.... Unfortunately. She follows us everywhere! It was cute for like 5 seconds. So that's super awesome. And they have a 1 year old. She, like her sister, makes me want to pull my hair out! She screams when she's happy, when she's sad, when she's hungry, tired, anything... It's a joy going to bed at night. We don't sleep much these days.
So I think that's all now! We didn't see the Koonce's this week - they all have the flu. We didn't go anywhere near them. Hopefully this week!
So sad I missed Grandpa! I didn't think about how tiny the streets are in Issaquah but they really are.. I felt so bad! But it's okay, I got to talk to him which was awesome :)
Also, I'm glad I'm not the only one that gets home sick. I hope Johnny and Wilson are doing better! It happens to us all I guess. I miss you guys like crazy and think about you everyday! I've been praying for Finn a lot and I know he'll be great. I love you tons!!!
Sister Brian

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