Monday, July 8, 2013

Week #5

You are all finally home!! My heck... I feel like it's been so long for all of you! Geez! It sounds like so much fun though.. I miss the Del! I've been thinking about that all week. But I'm glad you had fun! And got suckered in to going again next year. I'm glad I wasn't the only one missing though! I felt like I was. It seems like the group really is thinning out but I guess everyone is just growing up. You have to do it for at least 2 more years because I want to go when I get back.

It sounds like you have a huge week ahead! Well, enjoy it! Haha I remember that week... It was madness. And emotional. Good thing Finn isn't as emotional as I am. You'll have to send me his talk because I want to hear it!! Not going to lie I'm really glad that Finn is finally leaving because I don't like being the only one who misses everything! Haha. Now someone else can be missing out too! I'm assuming his email is Everybody elses is that same format so I'll try it anyway. I'm excited to talk to him! I feel like it's been an eternity. That's exciting about his patriarchal blessing and the temple and all that jazz! I want pictures!! What temple is he going through? Is the fam going?? I'm sure he's a little easier to shop for than me so that's good, right mom?
So this week was just another week in the field. We did get our new president so that was super cool. The Larkin's were nice but they were a little different. I didn't get to know them super well anyway so it wasn't that big of a deal for me to get a new President. So we met them on Tuesday morning with about half of our zone. They had us all line up so we would be ready to take a picture right when they walked in and the first thing he says is, "Oh! Look how handsome I am!" Haha we all started dying. I think we were all super nervous so that was nice to know he was funny. They have 3 boys but they are all older. Their youngest just got back from his mission in Australia and so he came with them and spoke to us too. They have thick accents and use pretty broken English but you can understand what they're saying for the most part. It was awesome! His talk to us was about marriage. Ha! I don't think that happens a ton in missionary meetings. But they were super cool and I think they'll do some really great things for our mission. And! Hyunah Lee is now in my mission!! They took some Everett missionaries and brought them here and she was one of them! Random!
4th of July here was interesting. We had to be in at 6!! Lame! We were supposed to weekly plan all night so Sister Monks and I made it a party. We roasted hot dogs and smores in the Sparks' backyard. While we planned of course. We didn't get to see any fireworks either. Too many trees. So, that was the most uneventful 4th of July I've ever had. I kept thinking of you guys on the golf course with all the glow sticks and pizza... And then the Pedersen's party which apparently was the coolest thing that has ever happened to anyone??
Then, the next day I hit my month!! Happy one month to me!! It was also the worst day we've ever had out here. We were knocking doors all day and only saw 2 people. From 11 to 9 we saw 2 people. Nobody is ever home here so that's obnoxious. But we did get a referral from members which is always gold. Their names are the Koonce's. Kelly and Brandi and their 3 kids. A 6 year old and twin 5 year olds. They are probably the most redneck family I've ever met. The directions from the members to get to their house were "the yellow house with crap in the yard". We were like are you serious? That's it? Then... When we found it, it all made sense. Seriously. They have so much crap in their yard and they call it the WhiteTrash Wonderland. Let your imagination run with that one. The dad, Kelly, is super nice but sooo distracted. It's hard to have a lesson with him but Brandi is pretty interested. She has lots of questions and we taught her the plan of salvation and the restoration and she said it just makes sense! So that was good news. We invited her to church and she asked if she could bring her coffee. Haha. They didn't come but keep them in your prayers!
No other investigators really. We met a guy named Lee who tried to hug Sister Monks. He said he didn't do handshakes. She totally had to dodge him. Hilarious. Oh! And side note.. A random stranger payed for my groceries last week. He was a gruffy man who kept asking me if I had swiped my card. I said no and he just swiped his! He said it was his donation to the missionary service. Pretty cool. That's about it for this week. Oh! Another random thing. I started working out this week. hallelujah! And I get to watch the Joseph Smith movie. Nothing like getting my sweat on to that.
So, I have a few things I need if you wouldn't mind chucking them in with the ipod. Thank you so much for doing that by the way!!! I can't wait! The new rules are still only hymns plus come thou fount and childrens hymnbook. You can't buy shaka laka here! I have searched everywhere and cannot find it! So if you want... Throw it in. I have a tube left so I'm good for a bit haha. And.. I was wondering if you could get me the Warmth powder from bare minerals? I'm out and they don't have one here that I can get to. Oh!!! And if you wouldn't mind sending the prom pictures of me and Kurt that would be great. Haha no one believes me! So I need proof! Haha! I think that's all?
The money thing works like this.. You pay $400 and I have no idea where it goes. Haha I get $160 a month on my missionary credit card and that's for groceries and hair cuts. Anything else I buy I have to use my own card. I'm nervous to use it though cause I don't know how much is on it! But i've been fine so far.
Thank you for forwarding those emails mom! And no zone conferences yet, dad. It's been a mess with the whole mission split but I'm sure we'll have one in the next week or so. We have district meetings every week and my district is pretty cool so those are fun. Haha we joke all the time about finding our husbands there! It's a weird thought...And since our mission president talked about marriage it's a little weird haha.
Well, I think that's all. I love you all! So much! And think you all should read A Time for Faith Not Fear in the July Ensign. Such a good talk! And super applicable right now. I miss you all and think of you lots! I don't have a cord to hook my camera up to a computer so I'll be sending a letter with a bunch of pictures in it. Talk to you next week! Good luck Finn! You'll be great and I can't wait to hear from you! Indy... It'd be nice to hear from you! Emerson, have fun at EFY! It's a blast and there are plenty of cute boys :) Love you!
Sister Brian

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