Wednesday, June 19, 2013


Hi mom and dad!
I feel like I just talked to you! Oh, wait. I did! Haha I feel like I'm talking to you a lot lately but whatever I'm not complaining! Our P-day is normally on Monday but the people who were already here missed it because of transfers. It was complicated so they let us go grocery shopping and check email today. My first day here quite frankly was not the best. We were up at 3 am and leaving the MTC by 4. We flew in to Seattle and had to give away 3 contact cards before we could get our luggage!! Gah it was scary! But, I am doing it for the next 18 months so I better get used to it. Elder Gilbert and his companions picked us up haha it was funny. But nice to see a familiar face. Nobody believed me when I told them we went to prom together haha! We drove right to the mission home and started interviews with the President. The drive was beautiful! This place is so insane! Green everywhere!! And the trees and leaves are HUGE! It's so insanely beautiful! My mouth was open the whole way there. We had lunch at the mission home and then just hung out for a little bit. The poor AP's tried to teach us a few lessons but everyone was so tired that it didn't go so well. I thought I was going to pass out I was so exhausted.
Then we went to a church building where we met with all the other missionaries here in Seattle. It was an interesting transfer meeting because this was the transfer that decided what mission you are in. If you got sent to an area in Federal Way you would now be part of that mission. I am staying in Seattle!!! It was crazy because basically everyone got sent to the Federal Way mission. All of the sisters I roomed with in the MTC are in Federal Way. Right now I'm in a place called Issaquah. We are in the Issaquah 1st ward with another set of Elders. My companion's name is Sister Monks. She is awesome! I was freaking out about getting a new companion but she has been great. She has only been out about 3 and a half months and this is her first time training so it's a little scary for both of us. We get to drive the brand new mission car though! Basically every single companionship has a car. She is the only one that gets to drive it though, only senior companions drive. I'm not even one bit mad about it though! Driving here is just weird. All the roads are so windy and twisty and I never know where we are.
After we got our new companions we went to where we are staying. We live with a member!! It's so weird! They are nice but the situation is just weird. Their names are the Sparks and it's a little bit of an older couple. They have an apartment downstairs in their house but someone is already living there so we share their guest room. Haha. That also means we share their kitchen. Weird! We get like on shelf on their fridge and have to use their dishes. Haha I dunno it's just so weird to me. So we dropped off my stuff, got Taco Bell, and headed to the ward missionary meeting. Everyone in the wards here is so missionary minded. The bishop, the stake president, the members. It's crazy! So they talked about new people and I just sat. and coughed.
I met some people in the ward and the 2 sets of Elders in our zone and then by then we had to be home so we just went to bed. It is so weird being here. It doesn't feel real! The MTC felt like EFY and now it just feels like I'm on vacation. I do love it here though! It's beautiful and my companion is awesome and it's just all good. We have no investigators at this point so we are going tracting tonight and going to visit some former investigators.
On a side note, yesterday when we flew here I felt like crap. Honestly I was so sick and I was coughing so hard I was like gagging. My fever came back and I was just not doing well at all. After I had my interview with the President I told Sister Larkin and she was like don't worry it's probably just stress. Nobody believes that I am sick unfortunately so I'm on my own for this one. I've been taking Dayquil and Nyquil, mom. Is that what I should be taking? Any helpful hints??
I'm happy to be here! I think! It's so bizarre..  But I love you all anyway!! I'll be at this address for the next 6 weeks so send me letters :):) 280 Mount Olympus Drive Issaquah, WA 98027. Can't wait to here from you!! I'll be writing again less than a week from now haha, This is awesome. Pray that we find some investigators.. This place is really struggling haha nobody is interested. My companion has had some hilarious stories so I'm sure I'll have a few for you next week. LOVE YOU!!

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