Saturday, December 22, 2012

She's Alive!!!!

Yes, I am alive!!! For all those who were wondering...(mom...)

My sanity may have been challenged but I made it through the semester and I am not giving it one more thought. So, that's enough about that... 

The day after I finished my finals, I picked up Savy from her last final and we were on the road to California. Partly because I was taking her home, partly because I was picking Indy up, but mostly just because I needed a break. And a glorious one it was!!

I think it might have been my new found freedom that made the trip so magical. I'm serious! Everything was sooo beautiful and sooo delicious and soooo fun. After that, 2 days in Disneyland was icing on the cake. 

Spent one day at the Happiest Place on Earth with these crazies 
(Aunt Christy, your girls are the best. Make room, cause I'm moving in!!!)

Spent the other day with these fine ladies. 3 oldest cousins unite!

The rest of trip summed up is as follows: lots of running, lots of eating, lots of cousin time, and seeing Indy!!!

Absence makes the heart grow fonder, right?

I love running here

Banzai Bowl... soooo good, soo healthy for you, and soooo gone. 

Aaaaaaand to finish off this awesome post, I give you... A hidden mickey. Did you know there are a bunch of these hidden on every ride?? Mind you, they are close to impossible to find but here is one! And probably the only one I will ever find. 


Now, I'm off to go Christmas shopping! I haven't even started. It's the 22nd. I'm awesome. 



  1. Your bed is ready! I'm so sad I couldn't be at Disneyland with you but the girls loved it. You are the best!

  2. Our last trip in September we spent a lot of time looking for Hidden Mickeys. That one you photoed is really specific--most of them it's hard to even see that it is a Mickey head. Where was that one found? I am guessing somewhere in Adventureland?

    1. Savy pointed out one more to me in Adventureland and I could barely even tell it was Mickey! So I believe that most of them are hard to see. This was in Adventureland though, I think it was on a sign of some sorts. I can't even remember now!